Q&A: Tips for eating healthy on a budget?

Question by : Tips for eating healthy on a budget?
I want to improve my eating habits, but im on a tight budget. Any tips?

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Try looking for organic foods and eating a lot more vegetables/fruits. Most grocery stores have an organic section now, and typically for cheaper than they used to be. Also, try buying frozen veggies/fruits, it’s so much cheaper, typically fresher and tastes pretty much the same! Replace all your white flour with whole wheat. ALWAYS read the ingrediants on EVERYTHING. If you don’t know what something is, DO NOT buy it. It’s probably not healthy.

If you need any more tips feel free to ask, I live with organic freaks so they know everything!

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Stay out from generic products, breath lots of fresh air, sorb up lots of sunshines, drink lots of potable water, eats lots of proteins rich foods, legumes, low glycemic foods, whole foods
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