How can I learn about Healthy Eating?

Question by Haider: How can I learn about Healthy Eating?
I want to learn ALL about healthy eating. I want to understand concepts about Carbs, complex carbs, proteins, what dietary fats I need, what food is great for my skin anything like that. I want to fully join the lifestyle of those that understand healthy eating.

My general question is How can I start?
Where is the best place to understand the concept of eating healthy. Typing “I want to eat healthy in Google” didn’t pump out the results I expected.

Any advice is good advice! Thank you!

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Answer by Sanitary103
Well I don’t claim to know everything but I do have a lot of experience with diet and fitness. I highly suggest you check out my youtube channel below. There you’ll find healthy recipes, workouts and other healthy snack ideas and diet tips. There are no gimmicks. Just plain old hard and dedication to reach your goals. Link below.

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  1. Nicki says:

    well first of all bravo!
    not everyone understands the full meaning of a “healthy lifestyle”
    it requires “experience” if that makes sense to learn everything about eating healthy.
    internet is definitely the place to look, type in things in google and click on loads of links, and you should learn stuff! it took me quite a few months to know the basics of eating healthy.
    to know whats healthy, you also need to know what is unhealthy and what you should avoid.. so for example type in google ” top fatty foods”, “foods high in carbs”,.. and if you want to know the use of proteins,carbs,fibre,..etc google it ! 😀
    healthy proteins, fruit benefits, list of foods for heathy skin and hair, list of complex carbs, benefits of fruit, healthy snacks, salads…
    and whatever you eat daily, look up the nutrition on google

    this might sound sad but i’d say i know an estimate amount of calories for most fruits and veggies now, and for a certain serving of brown rice or pasta.. haha..

    so in conclusion, google any foods you can think of and learn about them.

    for example, this : http://www.livestrong.com/article/250181-benefits-of-eating-grapefruit/
    you gotta looove grapefruit! haha

    i hope you learn lots xx

  2. Pizza is like yum.. says:

    hhhmmm….you could go to the library, they have a lot of great books on nutrition. a good website I searched was http://nutritiondata.self.com/
    again, i think books are a better choice, good luck and God bless=)

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