Mexican Rice Recipe – Healthy Vegan Recipes On Video

Recipe: http://www.healthyveganrecipes.net/video/mexican-rice This Mexican rice recipe is an example of the huge variety of healthy vegan recipes you can mak…
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  1. natyanayaki says:

    I believe that it is made out of glass.

  2. OmazingE30 says:

    awesome idea… making it right now… btw you sound extremely nervous 😀

  3. Anise Salazar says:

    this looks amazing! wanna try tonight for dinner^^

  4. FUCKUSATURN says:

    There are delicious vegan recipes out there.

  5. sdushdiu says:

    Think how much shorter this video would be if the ‘proper tools’ , such as a VitaMix or Blendtec, were used…;-))

  6. 678blowpop says:

    I love the way you said I’VE GOT…. an onion :).

  7. funkyblanket15 says:

    I’m like you. I don’t like cilantro. But i imagine it would “blend in” with the rest of the flavours, and not have it stand out so much. Love the rest of your videos.

  8. MyEnime says:


  9. curiousSOUL22 says:

    WOW I’ve never seen a see-through pot like that! I love it! What is it made of?

  10. tanha herenow says:

    Always wash rice before using it.

  11. kiDPrOzX says:

    6:09 till 6:47 who heard da police thumps up 😀

  12. Tr1ckyFox says:

    what the fuck is that?!?!  ?>:O?

  13. bbcita26 says:

    yeah seems delicious.. I’m a vegetarian and sometimes I have a hard time looking for good recipies.. I love the fact that I found your channel

  14. bbcita26 says:

    I’m mexican and I have never heard about this recipe, but I definitly gonna try it.

  15. Kaveri Mondal says:

    can we use smethin else in place of onion and garlic?

  16. IAmSmokingDank says:

    I am about 50% Vegan and I eat meat

  17. Alex Shultz says:

    Although I’m not a vegetarian or vegan, I do enjoy making some of these recipes! Thanks for making videos. 🙂

  18. Emilia Arrington says:

    Thanks Heather - LOVE your friend Mary’s idea for the Grain bags!!! I store my things in “upcycled” jars from, say, almond butter jars, Agave nectar jars, pickle jars etc… also 🙂

  19. MrsJustie says:

    Thank you! I’m doing a Mexican meal for Holiday dinner party and needed a good side dish.

  20. areyou09123 says:

    if i wanna eat a cake,any sort of cake but it need eggs what can i substitute it with?

  21. 112WildCat211 says:

    hahahaha superfunny XD
    “moving on to the fun part! Ive got… an onion…”

  22. tempehasyougo says:

    that looks great! we shall be trying this one for sure.

  23. mommaplath says:

    Do you have any recipes for green juices?

  24. VeganAide says:

    Heather, great idea using greens as a cooking broth for your rice. What a bang for your rice buck!

  25. ember fly says:

    That looks really yummy! :)

  26. Eugene Port says:

    I made this last week.  Delicious!

  27. JenHayleesmom says:

    the chinese restaurant in my town makes fried rice and it’s just plain yellow rice, if i just add the tumeric to the rice will i get that result?? cause omg i love that rice I could eat it daily and not get tired of it!

  28. rhondagw8 says:

    Thank you very much

  29. Annika Jaramillo says:

    I followed the instructions exactly and got an excellent result. Thank you for all your videos!!

  30. Doodlebuggie95 says:

    I will definately be enjoying this!!!! We have many people from India in our neighborhood and everytime they cook something it smells just wonderful!!! Thank you for uploading this video!!!

  31. farmec77 says:

    That is so good you put the recipes in the Info box. Very practical and easy to fallow the recipes that way, video + recipes underneath . To many other videos you need to go and search on their site the recipes, so much time …., today we all have so little time 🙂
    thank you so much

  32. amesty9468 says:

    Love u, your adorable will make this for sure your technique is one I hope to perfect thankyou : )

  33. Tiffany Bucher says:

    Thank you 🙂

  34. GEhotpants101 says:

    I think I just stumbled upon the answer to my culinary frustrations…
    For days I’ve been wanting something, but I didn’t know what. INDIAN FOOD! I can finally stop being beat over the head by the same dinner every night. Gaaaah, why didn’t I think of this before? I’m subscribing right away so this never happens to me again. :)

  35. Lichtje Moonsoo says:

    Never let hot food cool off in the fridge.

    Better you fry it when its cold.

  36. Manjula's Kitchen says:

    it sounds good.

  37. Angelene Prasad says:

    auntie, can i add tamarind to make it a little tangy? if so, when should i add it?

  38. Willow Star says:

    Hello Sylcano! You might want to check out her site. It’s fantastic. There is a “Quick Start Guide: section in the right sidebar which contains a glossary with photos of the different Indian spices used in her recipes. You can sign up for the newsletter as well. She has contests too! (Manjula you could feature those in a separate video on your YT channel!! I’d love to see a video like that where you’re talking about a post etc…it would add an endearing, personal aspect). Check Amazon for spice

  39. sylcano1 says:

    What is the ingredient introduced after the salt? Indian stores? Thanks!

  40. alxspamxxx says:


  41. viperhelix says:

    is it better to fry the rice when it is hot or let it get cold in the fridge first?

  42. naj rauf says:

    I loove your videos! Thank you aunty!

  43. MoniMeka P says:

    ugh, that looks so good!

  44. gardeniamornings says:

    I made this rice last night, exactly as you provided in the recipe and WOW! This rice was so delicious and spicy. I grew up eating food with onion and garlic included in the ingredients, as such, I always thought food lacking garlic and onion would be incomplete and bland. I’ve now tried 12 of your recipes, which exclude garlic and onion, and I am still amazed at how flavorful the dish still is. You’ve become my go-to person when I want a fail safe recipe.

  45. Serge Magnavox says:

    is there another name for asafetida or hing? i cant find it at all in the global food here

  46. junge1984 says:

    my stomach is growling and mouth watering! thank you for the recipe, I will definitely try this soon 🙂

  47. xCuntbuster says:

    isnt this meant to be sweet?…its a savory dish

  48. Msonlyhealth says:

    that looks fantastic, Im gonna try it tonight but I prefer brown basmati rice which is healtier. Thank you Manjula for you great recipies and sharing them with us.

  49. butterfly77387 says:


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