Healthy Eats: Easy Summer Snacks! | Aspyn Ovard

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  1. flashtrackxo says:

    i love you aspyn but packaged foods are usually NOT healthy. The yogurt was
    probably filled with sugar and preservatives, same goes for the graham
    crackers and cool whip. Always look at the ingredients on packaged food.
    theyre not like vegetables and fruit that are made of just itself (does
    that make sense?? lol) if it has a bunch of chemicals that you can’t
    pronounce then i wouldnt go near it. Do some research on this stuff so you
    can provide good nutritional advice to your viewers!! But i liked the
    muffins (besides the powdered sugar and butter haha maybe try ghee next
    time- its a healthier butter substitute) again i love you im just tryna
    give you some advice haha!!<33

  2. BeautyByKat08 says:

    people saying that grapes are unhealthy, i’m sure ice cream, cake and pizza
    is a lot more unhealthy….

  3. Linn Ahlborg says:

    Great recipes! But how do you use copyrighted music in your vids? 🙂 x

  4. SwagedOutEdits says:

    Don’t get me wrong I love healthy snacks and cut fruit but my problem is
    I’m lazy and it’s easier and cheaper to buy chips than a salad 

  5. Meg Roberts says:

    It’s so annoying that I cant get some of these things in New Zealand

  6. Claudia Blair says:

    Love ur videos but like wth why do u keep calling it a baggy

  7. SwagedOutEdits says:

    * eats 80 of the grape Popsicles * it’s fruit I won’t gain weight 

  8. purplegurl731 says:

    Most of these recipes are on Pinterest lol 

  9. SassyChesca says:

    What was the song in the intro?! :)

  10. BeautyLiciousBlonde says:

    remember the days when 1D songs were in everyones videos ? and now its 5sos

  11. mel2able says:

    Aspyn this helped me lots and I can’t wait to recreate these healthy snacks
    🙂 I have a SEPHORA GIVEAWAY on my channel if anyone’s interested <3 thank
    you :)

  12. mmbeauty17 says:

    just in case you guys wanted to see another summer snacks video I made one
    too 🙂 ily aspyn!

  13. ohsolindax3 says:

    my god, you guys are acting like she’s a nutrition genius! shes just an 18
    year old TRYING to give teens her take on healthier foods, rather than
    cookies and soda, which i bet most of you guys complaining eat. TONS of
    people crave her body, so she’s just showing you guys what she eats to
    maintain it.. don’t think its healthy enough? don’t rely on her for

  14. makeuplover123 says:

    What was the song playing during the grape thing?

  15. Shaanequaa says:

    Under 301 club!!

  16. Tania J says:

    Please tell me the names of all the songs you played?! <3
    Lived the video btw!! 

  17. Infinity268 says:

    I wanna try the muffins!

  18. Ariel Valeria says:

    5SOS needs to put copyright in their song right NOOOOW!! all TWG are using
    all their songs . 

  19. Lorie says:

    Am I the only one who watches all these videos yet never actually eats

  20. Jessica Wong says:

    love from Hong Kong<33333

  21. almaz yohannes says:

    The muffins with frosting look disgusting…… no offense

  22. whereswallace says:

    What is cool whip

  23. glamwithjessie says:

    I neeeed to try the zucchini fries because french fries are my weakness
    hahab <3 loved this!

  24. jasmine ellima says:

    What song was being played at 4:16?

  25. sassysara says:

    pleaseeee someone share with me what sing it was at the beginning of the
    video!! xx

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