Healthy Breakfast | Dietician Gives Breakfast Foods Advice

Healthy Breakfast

A local dietician gives some suggestions on ways to craft a healthy breakfast.

Top 6 Worst Breakfast Foods & Healthy Alternatives for Nutrition & Weight Loss Starting breakfast with the wrongs foods can set you up for being tired, run down, low energy and contribute to weight gain. Here are the foods you want to avoid that can cause low blood sugar and hunger and good alternatives that will keep your energy up and help you lose weight. This video was produced by Psychetruth www.youtube.com www.twitter.com www.facebook.com www.myspace.com Music by Jimmy Gelhaar www.jimmyg.us © Copyright 2011 Target Public Media LLC. All Rights Reserved. Top worst breakfast food healthy alternative nutrition weight loss “weight loss” psychetruth “weight gain” “low blood sugar” energy brakefast
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  1. LadySeraph says:

    I’m sorry, but I can’t eat oatmeal. Everytime I try it just comes back up in vomit form. =( I start dry heaving when it reaches my mouth. I’ll try to find better cereal though. =)

  2. sunflowergiggles says:

    wow, i didn’t know that it’s better off to eat the whole egg! Thank you so much! 😀

  3. martyinsd says:

    I’m shocked at how rude some of these comments are. This girl is just about 100% correct w/ her information. I know because I am a Clinical Nutritionist & have been studying nutrition since I was 14. If you’re angry or strongly disagree with what she says it’s because deep down you KNOW she’s right, but you’re just not willing to make changes to your diet. Don’t blame the messenger folks! If you don’t take care of your health (guess what?) it’s not going to take care of you!!

  4. kittyfan228 says:

    you didn’t mention anything about Kashi cereal..

  5. cheekymonkey0808 says:

    @IdentityHero Leave me alone, get some manners and PISS OFF.

  6. MrFukthoseusernames says:

    She is so right. And seriously, whoever doubts that lost their logical judgement or never had it. Or the cliché American

  7. IdentityHero says:


  8. IdentityHero says:


    Shut the fuck up you idiot I can tell you’re 14

  9. kingofheartsxyz says:

    Corrina dear thanks for the information . . i really love u and ur useful videos :-) cheers

  10. bastardchildofmary says:

    @crazyhorsebitchhole cause you now have cancer from the sugar and its eating you up. better get a checkup.

  11. bastardchildofmary says:

    what is that on the steak behind you? is it a scoop of butter or ice cream? or something else? I don’t wanna give up my morning coffee, but i am gonna start eating a bit with it.

  12. Toops144 says:

    @goldsilverandiamonds Did you miss me? 😛 Our two nations came together today and I am proud of our relationship (between the U.S and U.K) :)

  13. crazyhorsebitchhole says:

    how come when i spiked my suger level, i lost more weight?

  14. JanetZappala says:

    Great video! Check out my take on Healthy Alternatives and ways you can help improve your eating habits on janetzappala.tv

  15. cheekymonkey0808 says:

    @uzijohn Thanks for the lecture =] …but i apprechiate it, thank you!

  16. uzijohn says:

    Depends on the type of cereal, whole grain is OK, experts agree the “food triangle” shown in American schools is completely false and should be pulled from textbooks.
    Who would eat a bowl of sugar and call it a meal, but processed flour in white bread & cereal is the same thing; even a plain potato with nothing on it is pure sugar with few vitamins or minerals.
    Starch = Carbohydrates = Sugar, your body will convert and store unused sugar, it’s called fat!

  17. jej1100 says:

    this explains what happend to me as i was working out yesterday. I had pancakes for breakfast with lots of syrup and began working out about 45min later. Halfway through i lost all of my energy and felt faint

  18. cheekymonkey0808 says:

    What’s worng with cereals??? AND MILK??? i would definitely want to know where she’s getting this info, cause it doesn’t seem rite… =]

  19. infiniterra says:

    @SovereignBeing You are right

  20. infiniterra says:

    @SovereignBeing Thanks. I have to read again D´Adamo. I am O, metabolize better animal protein (although feel much pity for poor animals). Have Mercola´s book. Can take a bit grain, but much better non-starchy vegetables. Coconut oil so-so. My husband and children are A. Each one is different. Blood type maybe is basically OK. Other genetic factors influence each person´s diet. Conditions like neurotransmitter and endocrine disfunction,enzyme lack contribute. Basically I agree with you.

  21. SovereignBeing says:

    @infiniterra i recommend looking into the blood type diet.. this gives the fundamentals on what food groups you are best with in general.. i.e O’s can eat more meat and proteins, A’s cannot digest red meats very well,
    O’s are totally grain/gluten intolerant and coconut is the worst things for them! A’s can handle more grains/gluten.. this research changed my way of eating.. plus mercola’s site has a good metabolic calculator which determines your metabolic type.

  22. SovereignBeing says:

    sugar is the scourge of the planet.. its more addictive than crack cocaine. and does nothing for your health except destroy it,,!

  23. freebrook says:

    i have never heard this thing about the milk..hmmmmm

  24. gwaelin says:

    Can you do a whole segment on what to eat if you’re diabetic?

  25. eggthenoodle says:

    Right on! Excellent advice. Our breakfast has been ruined by big business.

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