http://bestalkalinefood.com A group of medical experts have published studies that shows high alkaline foods are beneficial to our health and well-being. Eat…
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Which foods are acid forming and which are acidic?
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  1. Prof. SHAYA'A OTHMAN says:
  2. Maria Pillar albarran says:

    Great info,
    Here is a great info on health benefits of drinking alkaline water.

  3. MANNY MARCELO says:

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    and i will be happy to assist you.Thank you and GOD BLESS!

  4. Mikko Rivera says:
  5. Chrisdougable says:

    Is a mostly raw vegan diet with tap water and lemon or lime juice
    compatable with this diet? Also steamed brown rice? I have just began
    eating alot of zuuchini, yellow squash, red, orange, yellow and some green
    bell peppers, mushrooms, broccoli, beans, nuts and seeds. Do you guys think
    this is compatable?

  6. young Roh says:

    ok video. watch dr. sebi tho. – no wheatgrass (mandmade) no barley (also
    mand-made). he also says no garlic and it’s manmade (some say it’s okay.)
    best thing is seamoss. most everything is hybrids unfortnately. gotta do
    the best we can!

  7. Michelle Branciforte Cruz says:

    Hello everyone! I see I share a similar standards on alkaline. Cancer has
    affected many family members and it has had a huge impact in my life. Would
    love to connect w anyone who wants to share info w me on

  8. Fleora Aten says:

    crap ,, lame try.. waste of time

  9. Triveni satyanarayana says:

    I was overweight & tried all kinds of things & never succeeded. It made me
    depressed for a long time. Luckily, I came to know that the body to
    maintain healthy pH , converts all extra Acid in the body to Fats and these
    Fats will never be given up. I play a lot of games in my iPhone & once i
    came to know about pH, i searched apps on pH & found 3 apps & I liked?
    “myPH” by lokesh hanumappa. It has 230 food item list, realtime body pH &
    reminders. balanced pH can solve any diseases in body.

  10. Kenny Corey Jones says:

    I eat and drink fruits, berries, cherries, occasionally pomegranate seeds,
    strawberries, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, granola bars, fiber bars,
    fruit or berry and grain bars, occasionally some wheat bread, some white
    bread, some rye bread, other breads, fruit juices, some milk, some coffee,
    some whatever tea I want to drink, vitamin waters, lifewaters, regular
    water drinks, serving of aloe vera juice to prevent acid reflux,
    superfruits, supervegetables, other chlorophyll superfoods.

  11. JayBlood Sparkle says:

    Dude, I can understand living a short life and all, so you want to have fun
    and drink and it what you want. But in your case, your going to die.

  12. sammy kkd says:

    Is good you have the idea. Do you know much about cancer?

  13. Fleora Aten says:


  14. medinalba says:

    some of the granola and other bars are not that healthy as some advertising
    say. too much sugar, too much carbs etc…so check the label.

  15. zzgeorgez says:

    You have mastered the skill of name calling. But you have not given one
    word to support your claim of idiot. What do you recomend? The Chemo diet?

  16. Nelson Rivera says:


  17. gobeng7 says:

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  18. zia ul haq says:

    @optahealth sir plz tell me that is it for womens or mens

  19. oneword4u says:

    Well said. Only the intelligent design of God or nature or whatever you may
    call it could go in the body one way just to have the opposite effect
    appear in the body. Love it.

  20. ladypurple3517 says:

    where can i get the download?

  21. radbcc says:

    @futoncat thanks.

  22. Prince I-Self says:

    You should a link to your site in the decription section. Believe me that
    will increase traffic. People lare likely to just click a link then they
    are to go to a site on their own.

  23. CulturePeaceForever says:

    I will try the alkaline chart thing. I”ve noticed that when I try eating
    more fruits & vegetables,& generally less meat,digestion quickens & natural
    cleansing acts faster. The more meat-heavy I eat,the slower my
    digestion,but it’s hard,cause we really like meat meals a lot!!!!!!!

  24. Jeff Yentzer says:

    @93NissanAltima Stevia is the best low calorie sweetener. Comes from a

  25. 93NissanAltima says:

    Stevia is on the list? So that bag of Stevia I am not using to sweeten my
    coffee would be great? nice 🙂

  26. tucsonpersonified says:

    I watched the video and could not stop wondering. How does it help hair

  27. Jeff Yentzer says:

    You are welcome

  28. zinturis says:

    Your alkaline food chart is way too different from what another pH expert
    Dr. Robert Young says. Who is right? My pH didn’t improve while I was
    eating fruits like oranges, apples, pears, bananas, green and red grapes.
    Once I cut it off it is now began lifting up. I will see how far it will
    go. I will definitely try to take fruits back to my diet after I balance my
    pH and will see will it keep my bodies pH in balance. Maybe someone did it
    already? Please share your experience. THNX.

  29. Steadno says:


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  31. Carla Rajca says:

    Good advice!

  32. Lavenderrose73 says:

    I believe it’s for both. Check out the comment I left above. I didn’t know
    this either, until earlier this month!

  33. futoncat says:

    @radbcc Sure!

  34. Lavenderrose73 says:

    I recently saw a picture on facebook that said “Dr. Otto Warburg won the
    Nobel Prize in 1931 for proving that cancer can’t survive in an alkaline,
    oxygen rich environment but thrives in an acidic, low oxygen environment.
    Dave Sommers” So I did a google search for alkaline foods and… (ff)
    …got your chart. I already enjoy a lot of the stuff on the alkaline side,
    and yes I’ll either print it or just put it in m Dropbox so I can look at
    it on my phone whenever I go shopping! : )

  35. MENAREJAM says:

    where would you place the green tea on that chart ? cuz I drink a lot of it.

  36. babystinky says:

    You know what? This is garbage. Everyone has a different set of foods that
    are supposed to be “Acid” or “Alkaline”, You browse the web, so many people
    are charging for a simple download of their diet or chart. This thing is
    starting to sound like a scam. There is no hard science. Perhaps, if one
    were to follow Dean Ornish and his plan then that would be better. This
    other stuff is ridiculous.

  37. Sharon Runly Nichols says:

    @MENAREJAM Green tea is alkaline. Drink up!

  38. ENAIRAMA1 says:

    garbanzo beans, lemon, half avocado, himalayan salt, a little spinach, some
    almonds. Blend it and eat with celery sticks. Drink one pomelo juice.
    Yum!!!! That was my breakfast this morning

  39. Jeff Yentzer says:

    I like ot have a small amount of meat with lots of vegetables – balance!

  40. therawfooddiet says:

    Very good video 🙂 You are a source of learning thanks 🙂 To share ideas
    please watch my videos and leave a comment thanks :>

  41. radbcc says:

    Good video. Thanks. Where does alcohol (gin, scotch, bourbon) and wine (red
    and white) stand on the chart? thanks.

  42. Vasya Galunev says:

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