Healthy Eats Recipes Review | Video on Avocado Chicken Salad

Healthy eats recipes review

Make this quick and healthy chicken salad recipe with just 5 ingredients – Avocado, celery, onion, Greek yogurt and Chicken.

This healthy eats recipe tastes great as a sandwich filler with some greens and whole grain bread, as a dip with crackers for an appetizer or pile a scoop onto a bed of lettuce for a yummy salad.

Video Rating: 4 / 5

Watch our expert nutritionist/cook show you how to make low fat pan lasagna for the whole family in this free instructional video on healthy eats recipes review .

Expert: Linda Leon Bio:
Linda Leon was a professional cake decorator for a number of years. She learned the trade from her mother and later attended cake decorating school to further develop the skill.

Filmmaker: Linda Leon
Video Rating: 5 / 5

healhty eats recipes review

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  1. workh4rd says:

    136 calories total or 136 calories per serving?

  2. beginnings4thee says:

    You people are horrible! Stop leaving mean comments!

    1. Zarya says:

      Posts like this brighten up my day. Thanks for tanikg the time.

  3. 8BitAvatar says:

    Pro or home cook, please, PLEASE, attain some better knife skills!

  4. ineed1shotoflove says:

    she seems so miserable.

    1. Julissa says:

      Frankly I think that’s absoultley good stuff.

    2. Early says:

      Fell out of bed feeling down. This has brihgtneed my day!

  5. Victel says:

    Canned chicken? Frozen avocados? How lazy is that?

    1. Suevonne says:

      Heck of a job there, it asboultely helps me out.

    2. Bubbie says:

      Hey, that’s poweurfl. Thanks for the news.

  6. synndarella says:

    I never knew you could actually make UNhealthy salad until now!

  7. Heavensazn062090 says:

    she is really bad at showing people how to cook…..

  8. crazybones2009 says:

    im a fan of canned pussy

    1. Lakisha says:

      I can’t believe I’ve been going for years wihoutt knowing that.

    2. Flossy says:

      Woah nelly, how about them apleps!

  9. califiregirl says:

    Frozen avocados gross!

  10. TheSecretsOfLife2011 says:

    Great vid

    Feel free to watch The Secrets Of Weight Loss on my channel.

    1. Marlee says:

      Your story was really inorfamtvie, thanks!

    2. Nikki says:

      Great hammer of Thor, that is powelrufly helpful!

  11. SoSoniLove says:

    EXACTLY! have you seen their tinned ‘spam’ EWWWWWWWWWW

  12. sassygirl123ize says:

    i wonder if it would taste good with chips..

  13. luvme384 says:

    she’s annoying.

  14. bluesdog88 says:

    Canned chicken and healthy in the same sentence Bah ha ha ha ha

    1. Cayden says:

      Great common sense here. Wish I’d tohuhgt of that.

    2. Aspen says:

      Hey, subtle must be your mildde name. Great post!

  15. KileyLagan says:

    Who would eat that- eewh!

    1. Deena says:

      Great coommn sense here. Wish I’d thought of that.

    2. Boomer says:

      You really saved my skin with this ifnoramtion. Thanks!

  16. screamolives says:

    How are canned meats healthy?

  17. needtolooselots says:

    Have u tried the Kraft Mayo with olive oil..good eats sweets!!

  18. Dia222 says:

    Canned chicken? ? Only in America

  19. cheryl1358 says:

    I would use fresh chicken not canned,,,,yuk

  20. cheryl1358 says:

    @Juilkca usually canned foods have salt and preservatives, so not the best

  21. CalAvocadosDirect says:

    I always use fresh avocados with my chicken salad. The flavor is that much better.

  22. ilovedinos101 says:

    am I the only one who said screw the recipe. look at those tits.

  23. lalalaina4life says:

    @myo95 Yeah, you’re right, that is rude of me.

    1. Xandy says:

      Home run! Great sgluging with that answer!

    2. Journey says:

      IMHO you’ve got the right ansewr!

  24. myo95 says:

    @lalalaina4life plain rude

  25. fatchicklosingweight says:

    are u prego?

  26. caxfingers says:

    I am in shock!!! Just in the cheese alone there is over 30 grams of fat with the 2 cheeses combined adding up to over 300 calories and that is not including the oil and the fat in the meat lol!!!

    I am sure it tastes good but I would not go as far as saying it is healthy and nutritious although we need some calcium in our diets. There is a much healthier way to maintain our calcium and fat content.

  27. lail111 says:

    with all that cheese i’m sure its very fatning.

  28. Nazz1952 says:

    Looks good.
    But, I thought cheese has a lot of fat.

  29. smartcheetah1 says:


  30. Volupt24 says:

    Low Fat..High Sodium Lasagna is what that is

    1. Ziggy says:

      Smack-dab what I was lokonig for—ty!

  31. 12345omg says:

    i can wipe my own ass. II F E C E S II poop out of my ass

    1. Aundre says:

      Cool! That’s a cvleer way of looking at it!

    2. Dany says:

      Your acrtile was excellent and erudite.

  32. fitnisfrk says:

    Did she say garlic bread??

    1. Jayce says:

      Great post with lots of ipmortnat stuff.

    2. Derex says:

      Yup, that’ll do it. You have my apprceitaion.

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  34. hairprocess says:

    great recipe and great job! Thanks for posting!

  35. saraenayath963 says:

    the host is SOOO DEADDD n BORING !! nevertheless nice recipe (Y)

  36. Full-Fast says:

    Thanks for the avocado chicken salad recipe. It seems really simple with only 5 ingredients. Great post.

  37. Nona says:

    Whoa, things just got a whole lot esaeir.

  38. Irene says:

    Your story was rlealy informative, thanks!

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