A Gluten Free Diet – Bajra Roti, Gluten Free Millet Flat Bread

A Gluten Free Diet – Bajra Roti

In India, this gluten free flat bread is made with hand. But here I am showing you how you can just roll them easily. Traditionally, it is baked/cooked over “kanda” (cow dung cakes) in the villages. That is the authentic way of preparing them because it imparts a smoked flavoer of Kanda.
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  1. SuperVeggieDelight says:

    You sun made great choice. Being vegetarian is good but at the same time, you will have to learn so many things to keep his health stronger. But this channel will help you to make many dishes that can provide enough nutrition for his body. Keep enjoying

  2. queenbunny76 says:

    My son has decided to be a vegitarian and your videos help my to cook for him. thank you very much

  3. SuperVeggieDelight says:

    I use all purpose flour but any other flour can be used such as wheat, rice, corn or millet flour itself for dusting. Enjoy!

  4. sweetgem123 says:

    This looks delicious – it brings back warm, childhood memories! Which flour do you use to dust the roti on before rolling? Thanks.

    1. Cassara says:

      Heck of a job there, it aslboutley helps me out.

    2. Marsue says:

      Your article was excellent and eruitde.

  5. SuperVeggieDelight says:

    Thank you for sharing.

    1. Jalen says:

      There’s a serect about your post. ICTYBTIHTKY

    2. Chaas says:

      What a joy to find such clear thinking. Thanks for ptsonig!

  6. suraah says:

    I buy millet grains and grind them myself. I also use it to make pizza (1/3 millet flour, 2/3 white flour) so that it becomes very crunchy

  7. SuperVeggieDelight says:

    Thank you and keep enjoying!

  8. yahler says:

    love your show Bhavna, =) and tips you give during the show are very nice. keep up the good work. greetings from portugal to you.

    1. Lakisha says:

      Super jazzed about gettnig that know-how.

    2. Bobs says:

      Yo, that’s what’s up trthufully.

  9. SuperVeggieDelight says:

    Also forgot to tell that if flour is old, it taste bitter. You have to find fresh flour. Buy from the store where there is large turn over.

  10. SuperVeggieDelight says:

    Yes, it is more healthier than wheat flour. Millet is gluten free as well. It doesn’t have a strong flavor of its own, so usually used with other combination. But great for Indian roti since Indian curries are made with lot of flavoer in it. I specially make this with many kinds of eggplant curries. But there are plenty of recipes!

    1. Peggy says:

      Now that’s sulbte! Great to hear from you.

    2. Lavar says:

      AFAICT you’ve cvoered all the bases with this answer!

  11. SuperVeggieDelight says:

    Will sure do. It’s one of my favorite roti. I make sometimes with only Jowar and the other time I add little bit of wheat flour and make jowar-wheat roti. Comes out excellent!

  12. SuperVeggieDelight says:

    This is the clip from video of Baingan bharta i showed earlier. So full video is available under baingan bharta recipe, where you can see how you also can prepare this same dish.

  13. techiedkb says:

    wow Bhavna..the thali looks awesome and mouth-watering!

  14. suppusoora says:

    hi bhavna, can u please show jowar ki roti too..thank u..

  15. sleepyfacedangel says:

    I’ve never had this kind of roti before, what does the millet taste like? It’s a little healthier then plain chapati atta? Thanks in advance! 😀

    1. Debrah says:

      Okay I’m convinced. Let’s put it to actoin.

    2. Isabelle says:

      Very true! Makes a cahnge to see someone spell it out like that. 🙂

  16. gluten free bread flour says:

    Thanks for supporting the gluten free family.

  17. Doll says:

    You ralely saved my skin with this information. Thanks!

  18. Boomer says:

    Such a deep awnesr! GD&RVVF

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