What is a healthy snack that can be ate in large quantities?

Question by Brian: What is a healthy snack that can be ate in large quantities?
I am looking for a healthy snack that is good for you and can be ate in large amounts like chips or cookies. I am open to trying fruits although fruits and veggies are not my favorite. I have also heard plain air popped popcorn with no salt or butter is not bad for you and is just a little twist on an old favorite.

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Answer by Pinkerton
Many snacks can be eaten in large quantities. I suggest choosing something healthy as opposed to something not healthy. Remember though, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. That is why broccoli is good for you but eating too much of it will give you gas.

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  1. Diana says:

    Carrots :))

  2. My Great Adventure ! says:

    …Ice-Cubes !

  3. Divide By Zero says:

    Some options besides the obvious fruits+veggies:

    – Mixed nuts, peanuts, pistachios (you can eat nuts in large quantities despite the fat content).

    – Non-white, long-grain rice with beans. Prepare lots of it, keep it in the fridge and you can snack on it whenever. In general any whole grain is a good snack, but don’t trust the “whole-grain” claim on the front of the package, read all the ingredients. Beans/legumes by themselves are a good large-quantity snack as well.

    Organic popcorn with natural ingredients is probably alright, if they stop coating the inside of the bags with PFC’s.

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