What Are Some Soft And Low Glycemic Index Foods?

Question by Stephen Daedelus: What Are Some Soft And Low Glycemic Index Foods?
Hi, I had oral surgery earlier today, and was instructed to eat only soft foods, like jello and ice cream. The problem is, I have extreme reactive hypoglycemia, and can only eat low Glycemic Index foods, and, at most, around ten grams of sugar per day. The majority of foods which fit this diet plan, i.e. lean meats, vegetables, and nuts, are tough to eat. I was wondering if anyone knew some foods which are both soft and have a Low Glycemic index

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take 2 Tbsp of Almond Butter daily preferable before bedtime to level hypoglycemia; you might be okay drinking soya milk add cacoa powder, or try quinoa grains that are high in protein and are low glycemic as well- they are soft and easy to swallow. Watch your blood sugar though and take them sparingly.

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  1. pam-i-am says:

    Baked custard (eggs, sugar, milk) is about 35. Ensure drinks are in the 40 range. Low fat vanilla Ice cream is 50. Oatmeal (regular, not instant) is 42. Canned peaches in light syrup is 52. Milk is in the 30’s. Puddings or mousse is around the mid-30’s. Meat filled ravioli is about 39.

    Of course you can have most eggs, canned tuna or salmon and such which are all very low, if not zero.

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