The Secret To Healthy Meal Planning While Grocery Shopping

Easy Veggies Meal Plans: I almost got into a car accident while filming this next video for you! But that wont stop me from taking you on a trip to the grocery store and showing you how to use your meal plan to shop for rapid fat loss. You probably already do grocery shopping with some regularity and you probably have a rough idea of what youre going to buy each week. * But how can you be sure if youre buying the right amount of foods to lose weight and still enjoy eating? * How you can be sure youre not over spending and buying over priced name brands? * How can you ensure you get in and out without sabotaging your waist line and compromise your health the next week? Its really important that you watch this fun and educating video. Itll take about 12-minutes to watch but will save you over 12-minutes every time you go to the grocery store and keep at least 12 pounds of fat off your love handles. After watching and commenting on the video, check out the site [gain six pack abs review]
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  1. VinceDelMonte says:


  2. Suburban1aristocrat says:

    Is this an original meal plan you created?

  3. anthonyc321 says:

    Thank you for letting people know that Organic food is better for you and your body because it is food that is grown the way it should be without and chemicals, fertilizers, additives, hormones, or anything artificial. Great video by the way

  4. videospaz10 says:

    Hey Vince what Infiniti is that?

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  7. AutoTechHector says:

    I say grow some nuts and let the ladies do all the shopping!!..LOL!!

  8. AutoTechHector says:

    I think it’s a fly..Flies are attracted to shit..LOL!!

  9. damiangt says:

    ital is vital people

  10. boristhespiderman says:

    is that a wart?zip?or mole? on his chin…

  11. boristhespiderman says:

    this dude is brutal

  12. Lacoux says:

    you just bought yogurt and cheese that was packaged 😛 stoopid

  13. MikeHunt543 says:

    what is the name of the book that you have, cause you have two different websites that sell different things, then that link above sends me to a new one. which one is best?

  14. falkon14 says:

    Hello vince-Del-Monte, can you upload a copy of that book in your hand explaining what carbs, proteins, and fats you need??, it looked like a shopping list?, that would be very helpful of you, thanks

  15. XIXNayRXIX says:

    Someone is filming him…. How is that as bad as texting?….

  16. cr4zym4ri4 says:

    awww ur so cute

  17. lizzy201292 says:

    nice vid dude…

  18. cat1126 says:

    How do you feel about frozen vegetables?

  19. amine9876 says:

    hey people stop hating, if ur on this video it means u WANTED to see this, telling him he can’t drive is no way related to this and u should be acting more grateful then trrying to tell him what he shouldn’t do, ur here because u don’t know WHAT to do with food or u want to do better… and fyi he just missed a left because he wanted to go to the grocerie store, not because he had to make a left or else he would’ve gotten in an accident. GO VINCE!!

  20. jaraha says:

    Being healthy don’t stop you from being ugly! hahahaha

  21. Feloution says:

    do you talk to passengers when you drive ? well its the same concept .

  22. damagedgarden says:

    You know, it’s awesome you are trying to show people how YOU shop healthy. However maybe don’t shoot video footage while driving in the future. It’s really irresponsible of you to do that sort of thing while driving. Seems just as bad as texting or goofing off while driving. Have some respect for the other drivers on the road. That seems more important than shooting some youtube video.

  23. lvlghlv says:

    the stuff all comes from the same cow…phahaha, i busted out laughing! he’s fun to watch!

  24. urb3stm8 says:

    luckely this guy had a good personality before he got tank. its easier to listen to him other than a meat head

  25. Dexter Marasigan says:

    great video. thanks for the post vince.

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