The Best Sushi in Japan

We eat the best Sushi in Japan, Sushisho Masa. Here’s a video of it. Subscribe for more Videos! ☞ http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=simonan…

I came across some tasty and delicious street food in China. Inexpensive treats which are some of the most popular foods in China. Jian bing is a popular sna…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. sonsofsparda22 says:

    EYK, Wasabi is not HOT! It’s chemicals send false signals into your brain
    through your tongue making you think it’s hot, when it’s not. Its a
    defensive mechanism for the plant itself

  2. Mehdi Sheikh says:

    You two were absolutely annoying. It was hard to actually watch the sushi
    with your stupid jabbering

  3. cloudynamite says:

    i dont even like sushi, but dam u guys make me wana try some again…food
    that makes u cry of joy?? i need that in my life xD

  4. S Lee says:

    One day, I will go there and eat sushi! Putting it on the bucket list. I
    wanna have the piano music play each time I put a different piece of sushi
    in my mouth too ^.^

  5. Lulu trip says:

    I love sushi and this would’ve been a good video but I was a little grossed
    out by the camera closeups of their faces and large lips and large gaping
    mouths not to mention the dirty lens..

  6. Bejo dobleh says:

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  7. hossrex says:

    Typical hipsters; “it cost a hundred bucks, and another hipster told me to
    like it… so… BUTTERY! SMOOTH!”

    It would be nearly impossible for a person to enjoy EVERYTHING a restaurant
    serves… unless you’re a hipster.

  8. sunflowery12 says:

    I have only ever tried one raw sushi roll and it was horrible so I was
    scared off from trying other rolls haha but you guys make me want sashimi.

  9. Spicy Food says:


  10. liona sarsha says:

    That dot irks me

  11. Pooh Permata says:

    The chefs are so passionate. That black dot was just bugging me.

  12. Nelo Angelo says:

    Hungry yet? 

  13. Temari Sunagakure says:

    OMG, where did you guys got the Anime version of yourselves?!?! It’s so
    cute!! X3 <3 Kawaii!!

  14. Evan Soot says:

    How much did it cost?

  15. Eddy Yong says:

    Did anybody tried to scratch their computer monitor?

  16. Theodore Stephens says:

    Haley I did LOL

  17. haley kim says:

    did anyone else thought that little black dot/fruit fly in their video was
    on your screen and tried to kill it? i sure did…

  18. Dan Nguyen says:

    what are the 2 sushi pieces at 6:55 called? 

  19. cptmzh13 says:

    piano mood XD

  20. Kimov theGreat says:

    lol it looks like they hate it. =_= I would die for some right now. 

  21. Saphryn Townsend says:

    Every time I watch this video, I drool so much!

  22. ttayatayy says:

    i want to eat this video

  23. Jennifer Li says:

    Martina, you look so rosy-cheeked!

  24. charlie forbes says:

    Sushi is one of the most overrated foods of all time, honestly people only
    go to those Sushi bars to look cool..fucking hipsters..

  25. rasmus persson says:

    Is it just me or did he sound like Jason segel (how i met your mother,
    marshall eriksen)

  26. Dan Seto says:
  27. Mircea Costiniuc says:

    very interesting

  28. Chris Kaliber says:

    What was that last food made from? The “candy”. 

  29. ipk93 says:

    It looks really delicious

  30. Dan Seto says:

    Haha. Great to hear you like the music. Thanks for checking out my video on
    Best Street Food In China.

  31. Dan Seto says:

    Fair enough. Some people like the music and some don’t. Thanks for viewing
    my video on street food in China.

  32. Dan Seto says:

    Some of the long version of these foods have commentaries. Check them out
    on the playlists or my home channel page. Thanks for checking out my video
    on street food in china.

  33. Dan Seto says:

    Yes, quality control is a problem when eating seafood. Thanks for checking
    out my video on Best Street Food In China.

  34. mjhias6 says:

    i want everything except for the fish

  35. Dan Seto says:

    Getting food poisoning is unavoidable when you’re travelling. Try to take
    as many precautions as you can, of course. Avoid raw fruit that has been
    washed in the local water, for example. Thanks for viewing my video on
    street food in China.

  36. Dan Seto says:

    There are longer videos of each section of this video. Check out the link
    on this video or go to my home channel page to find these videos. Thanks
    for checking out my video on Best Street Food In China.

  37. Toronto Ont says:

    yeah, wanna get food posiosoning eat food from any chinese food
    vender..where do they wash thier hands..dirty people..gag

  38. sulema rodriguez says:

    Why wasn’t this longer?

  39. shirusubemonaku says:

    i quite like the music actually lol very cute

  40. 亞洲 魏 says:


  41. Dan Seto says:

    No, not gutter oil, because there were no gutters… haha. Thanks for
    checking out my video on Best Street Food In China.

  42. shirusubemonaku says:

    errrr…gutter oil ??

  43. Dan Seto says:

    Happy to hear you love eating Chinese food. Thanks for viewing my video on
    street food in China.

  44. Timmy081587 says:

    you should have added some commentaries on those food you’ve tasted to be
    more informative to the watchers… especially the “jian bing” i have no
    idea what it is but i sure do wanna try it and that maltose candy ^_^v

  45. herpsenderpsen says:

    he could spare everyone for that horrible background music.

  46. Chin Hi Yi says:

    I love chinese food!!! yeah!!!

  47. Dan Seto says:

    I am very lucky to try street the street food. I feel good that I can share
    videos of my experiences. Thank you for viewing my video on street food in

  48. legartj gart says:

    I totally agree with madmanjshum; how’d you find this job?

  49. Dan Seto says:

    Thanks for your comments. Thanks for checking out my video on street food
    in China.

  50. icesilverwind says:

    Fresh sugar cane yush!!! So good. And Jian Bing. You never need to enter a
    restaurant in China, just wander the streets and you’d find everything~

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