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Q&A: healthy diet?

Question by adoreemee_xx: healthy diet? can someone please help me construct a healthy diet? not like a lose weight diet, but one to get me to eat healthy food. i eat way too much junk and im wayyyyy too skinny, so i want to be a healthy weight but i want to gain it the …

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Q&A: Eating Healthy?

Question by Domoknickers: Eating Healthy? Hello Ive decided that I want to cut back on the junk food, so does anyone have any tasty (and healthy!) recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and for snacks? And any tips on how to STOP eating junk food? Best answer: Answer by KatieCarrots sauted in a little bit of …

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Q&A: Extensive “Glycemic Index” food list online?

Question by Melody: Extensive “Glycemic Index” food list online? Hi, I’m looking for a Glycemic index food list. I want a very extensive one which includes all catagories of food. Not one that just cover the basics. If anyone has a link to any I’d be greateful! Best answer: Answer by rosieCYou’ll find the following …

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Q&A: Healthy Diet?

Question by Jacob P: Healthy Diet? I am a twenty year old college student who is not very active physically. I have lost any motivation to lose weight, I have horrible health conditions on besides of my family and I want to go on a healthy diet. If not a diet, then anything I can …

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