Paleo Recipes Make the Best Low Carb Dinner Ideas Starting With Paleo Pasta — Hmmmm

http://healthyeatsrecipesreview.com Easy pasta recipes aren’t usually so easy except for this one for paleo pasta. It’s low to no carb, vegetarian, gluten free, and …
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  1. yzerr says:


  2. krt aff says:

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  3. J Wills says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed it. The idea is to show the average person in real time, step by step from start to end what they can expect but you’re correct it could have been shorter but for my purpose would’ve been a bit incomplete. Give it a try, it really does taste great.

  4. gfeef says:

    The camera work is lovely, lighting is good, descriptions are clear, but in reality this video could have been half the length, I ended up skipping because we don’t really need to see you peeling something twice, if we didn’t get it we could have just dragged the video slider back. You also seem to have lots of weird noises at the end, not sure what’s causing this. The dish looks lovely, and you seem to have a good skill set, just a bit more editing would make a great video.

  5. J Wills says:

    Yes, but even better it bursts with flavor.  Try it.

  6. juan esparza says:

    Looks beautiful

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