Obese Girl, Breanna Bond Loses 66 Pounds, Maintains Healthy Diet

200 lb 9-year-old struggling with obesity transforms her body and her life- try vegetarians’ gourmets vegetarian on eating well

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  1. Vasya Kushev says:

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  2. Kellie Lucero says:

    Sometimes parents let them get big because sometimes there are kids who have more baby fat and take a while to get rid of. But I’m glad her parents knew the difference between a few baby fat and an unhealthy weight, I’m so happy she’s learning to be healthy so early on because it will be a natural lifestyle for her. ­čÖé I’ve always believed early teaching in nutrition is essential to´╗┐ health.

  3. abul sau says:

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  4. AUser0000001 says:

    The problem that I think some parents have is subconsciously spoiling their children.When this happens the parents don’t even realize that by NOT putting their foot down and letting a child who is naturally predisposed to being obese eat what they want they are causing harm.The parent’s are now doing what they should have always been doing´╗┐ with her making healthy food choices, watching portions and exercising.Oh and no offense but If your an adult no one should be footing your psychiatry bill.

  5. Cas Perry says:

    Unstable in a sense that she’s not part of a fat acceptance and everyone is a winner? The girl is at a major health risk carrying 200 pounds around, not only that, her social life´╗┐ is struggling, and I applaud her parents for making and teaching her girl the right lifestyle choices. And where do you get in this video that mother doesn’t love her fat and that there is predisposition to gaining weight?

  6. Tyteanna Hillary says:

    i’ve tried to lose 20 pounds and i´╗┐ lose only 6 pounds it’s not that hard. at first it is

  7. 100percentjoy says:

    I need to´╗┐ lose 20 pounds. If that little girl can lose 66 pounds by running, then why can’t I? I’m really inspired!

  8. TheConnorAC3 says:

    69 pounds, if you know what i´╗┐ mean

  9. Rohan Chitrakar says:

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  10. girlgamer673 says:

    im very proud of Breanna but if i lost 66 pounds i would be 3 pounds and im´╗┐ in 7th Grade!!

  11. peridotangel83 says:

    sometimes a child can have´╗┐ low metabolism. Not always the parents fault.

  12. peridotangel83 says:

    all´╗┐ i can say about your comment is ‘WHAT’?

  13. Hyperllam4 says:

    Oh no, parents teaching their child discipline, good diet and the importance of exercise! They’re´╗┐ worse than Hitler. Fuck off.

  14. Hyperllam4 says:

    Oh no, parents teaching their child discipline, good diet and the importance of exercise! They’re worse than Hitler. Fuck´╗┐ off.

  15. EdgeOfTheEarth12 says:

    Good´╗┐ parents.

  16. Vova Kubutov says:

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  17. meschin alexandru says:

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  18. saskiapateman says:

    I don’t see how the mother was ‘remarkably unstable’ in any way. She did what any good parent would do to help her daughter live a healthier and longer life. If she didn’t take action, things for this girl would have only of´╗┐ gotten worse. And you can see that she’s not dreadfully skinny, she just looks healthy. In fact, the whole family went through this lifestyle change to all be healthier on a whole. It’s not about ‘fat’ and ‘thin’ it’s about health.

  19. Faronstream longv├Ąge says:

    No people have ever been overweight or obese it’s just cheap propaganda, just like he joke´╗┐ that Hitler killed the jews. Just bullshit!!

  20. gianella osgood says:

    Why are we commenting to “her” when it just a video and she most likely wont see´╗┐ the comments

  21. thriveni saidam says:

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  22. Andriy Kursak says:

    Good day! I’m´╗┐ Alyssa.I did -15 lbs last 7 days.Open

  23. Gary Johnes says:

    Exercising´╗┐ and eating healthy, it’s fucking common sense people!!! I don’t understand how America is one of the fattest nations on this fucking planet -___- Don’t let yourself get overweight, or it will suck for you.

  24. Emma Martin says:

    it wasnt like that. there doctor actually said she would grow into it. they waited´╗┐ a long time and finally they said, screw this let us help you loose weight

  25. Emma Martin says:

    that is a compete lie. i know breanna and her mother loved her either way. Breanna WANTED to loose weight. she is having the time of her life. she eats more heathy food. does tons of sports. she loves her swim meet. last night she even got to throw the first pitch at the fresno grizzly game! It barley said anything about her background. so tell me again. Who are you to judge?´╗┐

  26. Dilek D says:

    dried papayas, mangos and pineapples are super sweet and helpful in´╗┐ satisfying my sweet tooth.

  27. Igor Liskov says:

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  28. zafi1999 says:

    Dates are good becoz i am a muslim and have to have them but u shouldent have loads of them as they are really warm if u know what i mean´╗┐

  29. cazwalkman says:

    ahh yes diet coke…I had “quit” for idk 4-5 years? And then picked it up again a couple of´╗┐ months ago without realising…shall try and quit immediately after exams

    and I had always suspected dairy when it comes to breakouts…will definitely keep an eye on that! Thanks Ruth for this fab video

  30. SHAWOL4ever23 says:

    You should try organic sundries apricots:) they are AMAZING and so addictive. also´╗┐ nicer than normal dried apricots

  31. Rach Jones says:

    I also cut out milk and porridge was one of the things I couldn’t live without and I really hated the Aplro milk taste. Then a friend put me on to Koko dairy free milk and I love it! Its not quite as good in tea, but with something like porridge its great – I actually prefer it to real milk. Its lactose, soya and gluten free. I get mine from Sainsburys (where the UHT milk normally is)´╗┐ hope this helps somebody.

  32. Emmaline O says:

    Oh god I’m exactly the same with sweets just cannot control myself at all! And´╗┐ my diet coke addiction is starting to show on my teeth so that needs to go! ­čÖü

  33. amira fatin says:

    During Ramadhan, my family buys dates and always eat it ( its a tradition in Muslim culture to eat dates during Ramadhan following our prophet Nabi´╗┐ Muhammad ). I would always have a little bite of the dates but i hate it, not because of the taste but because of the looks thus affecting my taste buds to dislike it. But now dates have become my no,1 favourite fruit because of its nutritious health benefits and also because it is SO YUMMY AND SWEET !!! ­čÖé

  34. creamcolouredtulips says:

    Great video. Some different dairy milk alternatives that I´╗┐ really like are oat, rice and lite soy milk.

  35. taras pavluchek says:

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  36. Andriy Asatrev says:

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  37. Ezgi U says:

    I can’t drink´╗┐ tap water at all, so I always have to drink bought water

  38. TheFreechaos says:

    in the states we have what’s called green tea soda, which is cold green tea with fizzy water and some all natural flavorings, some of them taste a bit weird but a couple of them are pretty good. It’s tons better for you´╗┐ than soda, and if you find a good flavor you forget you’re having tea.

  39. 89illykitty says:

    I’ve been drinking soy and nut milks for a bit now. Started to have mild lactose intolerance when I was a teen.

    Cheese is fine but I don’t have it often, I’d rather have good cheese once in a while rather than low fat cheese (less tasty). So if you really love something, sometimes it’s better to not have it often but get the “good´╗┐ stuff” when you do!

    I’ve been also using the dried fruit tip since I love sweets as well. It’s really tasty and make a perfect replacement!

  40. Andriy Chormov says:

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  41. umber k says:

    Because wheetabix are so´╗┐ bland and I don’t like to put sugar in them I use dates

  42. Brin Neville says:

    Also great info on videos; Uprooting the Leading Causes of´╗┐ Death by Dr Greger and The Starch Solution – John McDougall MD

  43. PeaceMilly04 says:

    I bought some hazelnut milk´╗┐ today because of this video, it will take some getting used to!

  44. anetn84 says:

    Try lacrofree milk and products. I use them because I have ibs´╗┐

  45. Marikita Perez says:

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  50. hanajj says:

    Dates are really good for you, especially in the winter and spring months. Dates have the effect of heating up your lungs according to´╗┐ Chinese medicine. This keep you from being susceptible to colds and or infection, especially in your throat and lungs.

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