NoSalt – A Healthy Sodium Alternative (Potassium)

“NoSalt” is a product for people with “salt problems” (medical conditions) and/or who need a easy potassium increase/nutrient source, and for those who just …

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  1. trailkeeper says:

    I seen on YouTube here, there is a salt blend called “Smart Salt” with
    magnesium, however there is a tradeoff between the two types.

  2. trailkeeper says:

    There is another salt substitute, but I haven’t gotten it yet: It is
    called: AlsoSalt It has somewhat of the same ingredients as NoSalt. Be sure
    to check it’s website for alot of good information about salt/sodium.

  3. chaseme81871 says:

    cool i will check that out, i try to watch my sodium,and my familys sodium

  4. New Product Hits Misses says:

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