Meal Ideas For Eating Healthy | Healthy Eating on a College or any Budget

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Kelly Velotta has two main ingredients for healthy eating on a tight budget: shop wisely and learn to cook. The backbone to eating healthy is to cook it yourself, and your meals will be much cheaper when you do cook it yourself, Velotta said. Most people underestimate how often they eat out and how much it costs, said Velotta, nutrition manager for LIVE FOR LIFE, Dukes employee wellness program. They fail to realize that lunchtime trips to the cafeteria or deli counter and late afternoon stops for a fast food dinner add up — both in cost and calories. Velotta offered the following tips for preparing cheap, wholesome food. For more healthy tips, visit www.hr.duke.edu
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  1. xxaliciajeanxx says:

    @roundlady thanks i found it :]

  2. roundlady says:

    @xxaliciajeanxx They are super easy to make. I show you how in my PART 2: A Day of Healthy Eating – Lunch video. I’d link to it, but YouTube has rules about that. i think you can just look it up.

  3. xxaliciajeanxx says:

    how do you make the quesadilas? they sound really easy to make but idk how id go about doing so haha

  4. roundlady says:

    @es696 yes…adjust to your manly-size! I’m glad to see people who are good at math!

  5. roundlady says:

    @Stevef2234 Thank you! I shall take that as a compliment!

  6. Stevef2234 says:

    You are a hot mom

  7. es696 says:

    this is obviously a female diet though. some of those meals are like 1/3 of a guys portion

  8. lmollot says:

    forget seeds for grain & soya peanuts & canola-why dont farmers grow NUT TREES-shade cool earth rain water oxygen- no work hardly-gives lumber-clothes fibers from inner bark & leaves-teach kids to read trees not books- eat a nut burger today- go to forest school not sit down shut up dont move white mans lying education =which causes genocide of sane native races/matriarchies of world- KIDS NEED FORESTS NOT BOOKS

  9. meggiemeg86 says:

    Iceberg has the nutrional content of cardboard. Fills your stomach up though.

  10. sweetdosage says:

    Uhhhh thank u so much 🙂

  11. dgte123 says:

    look nice

  12. rrainxdrops says:

    mmm, it all looks yummy!

  13. Dermatoid says:

    Plain yogurt is also super cheap when you buy it in bulk. You can substitute it for sour cream, eat it as a snack sweetened with fruit, or stir it into your oatmeal in the morning. I love your tips! Your videos are awesome!

  14. royalnash says:

    i didnt know white people try to eat healthy

  15. healthfreak18 says:

    Great 🙂

  16. rjb900 says:

    Thanks! 🙂

  17. 2pretty4umadi says:

    hey can you show how to make easy snacks like after school snacks??? that would be very helpful and like taking it to school and like colorful!!

  18. PrincessLaynah says:

    yay I am so glad you made this video =)

  19. Corylus2 says:

    Thank you very much lady!!!

  20. roundlady says:

    @whitneywoo1 Very cool! You got a little creative too — that is so great!

  21. whitneywoo1 says:

    guess what?! I made quesadillas for myself on my college budget! i made whole wheat tortillas, used olive oil, and put mozzarella cheese in the middle! i had some original spaghetti sauce, so i used a little of that to dip them in! it was delicious! thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

  22. roundlady says:

    @Lilly99998 The potato should fit into the palm of your hand and that would be one serving and if you are on a diet use only 1 ounce of cheese. You can pair it with grilled chicken breast (skinless if you are on a diet). Another tasty idea is to add cut broccoli on top of the potato or eat another vegetable on the side like corn or a salad.

  23. Lilly99998 says:

    If I made that potato with cheese on top can I eat the whole thing is that one serving? and is it ok if I add just a dob of sour cream?

    would that be considered a meal or can I eat it with something else like a grilled chicken breast?

  24. roundlady says:

    @PanicFanatic05 Wow – it is on my radar!

  25. PanicFanatic05 says:

    KristinaArtSeeTV I so agree. I would definitely watch that show!

  26. Pinstripedtie says:

    All you need to do is eat RAW fruits and veggies and your life will tremendously improve. Get off the crappy processed boxed and canned garbage! DETOX your body and feel better!

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