Manuka Honey Blend eco-friendly, raw and pure 400gram (14.1oz) by Tahi

Manuka Honey Blend eco-friendly, raw and pure 400gram (14.1oz) by Tahi

  • TAHI HONEY IS MADE WITH CARE: unfiltered (raw), unpasteurized and undamaged.
  • SUPERIOR TASTE AND QUALITY: gloriously thick and soft, floral aroma, exceptional caramel color, New Zealand spring time captured in a pot
  • ETHICAL BEEKEEPING: The bees roam freely in native manuka bush and not exposed to orchard pesticides, fed sugar syrup or other chemicals
  • SUSTAINABLY SOURCED FROM NORTHLAND, NEW ZEALAND: Eco-friendly, carbon neutral, targeting 100% recyclable and GMO free
  • NATURE IS OUR BUSINESS: Purchasing this eco-friendly honey supports active conservation to plant native trees and restore the wetlands and sand dunes at Pataua North. More birds, more habitat, happier world
At Tahi we believe nature is our greatest asset and it's a guiding principle for all of Tahi's activities. Instead of following normal commercial beekeeping practices, the bees are not fed sugar syrup or chemicals and never go on orchard visits where they pick up pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and other toxins. Whilst these normal beekeeping techniques might make 'commercial sense' since sugar is cheaper than honey, and orchardists pay beekeepers to pollinate their crops, these practices lea

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