Low-Calorie High-Protein After Workout Recipe/How-To

<Low-Calorie High-Protein After Workout Recipe/How-To

TOTAL MEAL 3 chicken strips 4 mushrooms 8 spears asparagus 2 Tbsp (about) olive oil Peppers, Pepper Seasoning to Taste Total Calories: 230 The more oil, the more calories. I didn’t eat most of the oil (that which didn’t cover the chicken and mushrooms was thrown away). It’s not the healthiest meal ever (fried) but the calories and carbs are really low, and I’ll be full all night! Always, I drink at least 16 oz of water as well. Sometimes I’ll follow this up with a salad but I was just too full this evening 😉 Also check out these Happy healthy eating ! antishay.wordpress.com

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  1. mordeathmark says:

    @thespecter2 yeah.. that was really worth the response..

  2. thespecter2 says:

    @mordeathmark It does. Like she said it was “extremely off-beat from mainstream culture at the time”. Moron.

  3. mordeathmark says:

    @thespecter2 really shows how much you know

  4. joseclass143 says:

    I think u are fat dear?thats why u need to eat more vege…..thats all?

  5. MEdalFan26 says:

    @antishay whatt the FUCK is a CALORIE? whre are yuo getting your informastion from??

  6. waseem1173 says:

    05:00 you are toooo CUTE lol

  7. MirvatS says:

    Thanks for posting this! Love your channel 😀

  8. GambitFox79 says:

    @antishay Haha gotta love the Seattle markets

  9. TheGerminina says:

    Girls, if you want to look beautiful – use the program from the site stripfin.blogspot.com Retrieved on personal experience!

  10. nzbbs says:

    Good video. Why do you call it ERB? isnt it HHHERB with a huh sound??

  11. dodzy6 says:

    why would you want a low calorie post workout meal, idiot

  12. ItsKnucklez says:

    Fuck that….eat steak….RAW

  13. kiethstringz says:

    she kept touching her hair and she had a cold omg so gross

  14. victorhmartinezjr says:

    This is making me hungry lol

  15. bhushan790 says:

    U ever tried indian food? Youll love it if your a SPICE LOVER and a VEGGIE!

  16. OJTUPAC says:

    you are nasty do aomething with your citichen clean it up befor you something like that

  17. KSizbored4life says:

    @lucabenedetti ur right and wrong about what you just said. first off, ur not suppose to eat carbs on ur post workout meal u eat carbs pre workout meal. she’s eating the right foods ur suppose to have a 4:1 ratio of protein to carbs (in this case, the chicken to the little amounts of carbs in the veggies). this meal is perfect, the thing ur right about though is that there was a little too much oil, not a lot so it wasnt rly a big deal. there is no way in hell u can get fat off this.

  18. crazymusclecuz says:

    @lucabenedetti ur stupid people eat 10x worse then this and dont get fat. there are some carbs in the veggies even tho hardly any there is some. you dont need tonz of carbs for post workout meal. you want alot of carbs pre workout meal

  19. broccolihart1 says:

    I hope you tossed that pan…it is way past its service…i love your eyebrows though!!…very unique!!

  20. BlueEyedWhiteRebel says:

    The reflection in your oiled up pan was very sexy…wait a second it was a reflection of you 🙂

  21. vijayanand875 says:

    hey I’ve seen you somewhere whats your name?

  22. Blankffix says:

    She’s gonna eat all that? Holy @#$@…

  23. trankimphuocmusic says:

    I dont care about the food. But you are so cute. 🙂

  24. oddstud says:

    @thespecter2 when she eats the chicken i popped a major woody! damit!

  25. lucabenedetti says:

    Too much oil. I mean, A LOT OF OIL.Really. I can even see it on your plate. It does not cover the chicken but youre eating too much. And yes, thats unhealthy fat u get when heatin up olive oil. And the mushrooms should absorve it aswell. U got yourself a fat nasty meal. If u want a proper post workout meal u should eat vegetables and carbohidrates too. This is just trashy and wil get you fat.

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