How To Be Healthy

How To Be Healthy

IF YOU WANT TO KNOW HOW TO LIVE FOREVER, GO TO THE LAST PART OF THE VIDEO. ALL SCIENCE. NO NONSENSE. This video is about how to be healthy, safe, look good and live forever.

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  1. Ben A says:

    Time to get healthy everyone. Eat Halal:D

  2. Lauren Saggio says:

    fucking right, any other way of eating is murder 

  3. Lauren Saggio says:

    pro era inspired from dis

  4. Shawheen Azizi says:
  5. FullOfFail says:

    I don’t necessarily agree with the vegetarian point of view, but
    considering how we pump our animals full of antibiotics and inhumanely
    slaughter them, it’s understandable. But most of our vegetables are
    genetically modified too and lost most of their nutrients, so it’s almost
    like a lose/lose. You pretty much gotta grow your own garden to really eat
    something healthy.

  6. Brittany Alexandria says:

    Open that pineal gland.

  7. Janice Williams says:

    True talk!

  8. wavesofjoy says:

    go vegan! 🙂 word is bond

  9. Jay Jordan says:

    Great song for mental understanding of a vegan/vegetarian. As one, the
    statement is very true–‘Your wealth is in your health!’

  10. Tatiana Hart says:
  11. Chuck Gone Raw Vegan says:
  12. xldjvista says:

    I can’t follow what they say 100% since I love meat but it’s true you gotta
    be healthy and exercise.

  13. Nick C says:

    That is true talk, real rap, good music !!

  14. Steph Lawrence says:

    Be healthy ya’ll =)
    Dead Prez – Be Healthy + LYRICS

  15. Danosaur101 says:

    Straight edge punk and hip hop solidarity

  16. Petra H says:
  17. knowledge izkey says:

    Good health comes from wise ways true statment

  18. I Am Maat Maat I Am says:

    Yes yes ya’ll….This song is the truth….and my anthem, except for
    putting fire on the trees;-) I found a new way :-)

  19. YourMajestyCat says:

    Word. Respect bro!! Real Hip Hop ain’t on the radio.

  20. Bryan Betts says:

    HELL yeah!!!!

  21. David Longsmith says:

    BOOOM – this track brings them to the booth to find out who these cats
    are…Nuff Respect!

  22. YourMajestyCat says:

    Word. Respect bro!! Real Hip Hop ain’t on the radio.

  23. Peace B says:

    he didn’t say he smokes ganja, there are plenty of other ways to consume
    it. You can eat it or vape it which is much healthier 

  24. Silvio Resch Ⓥ says:
  25. Khem Hue says:

    that real shit

  26. Priscilla M says:

    But meat is protein and it’s good for you. 

  27. remarkable tuber says:

    That’s dumb u said go to do plastic surgery what good advise

  28. Anna Kate says:

    U can’t live forever stupid bitch

  29. Brinda Mitchell says:

    Here are some great thoughts to live by…

  30. James Tan says:

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