how long does it take a low gi diet to affect the symptons of pcos?

Question by sarah p: how long does it take a low gi diet to affect the symptons of pcos?
Just got diagnosed with pcos, low gi diet recommended, how long will it take for some of these symptoms to subside?

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Depends on the symptom…. the low Gi diet will start to affect your metabolism right away, which means you may see results with less sugar cravings and more sustained energy immediately, but other things like weight loss will take a bit longer.
Symptoms like excess hair or hair loss will take a bit longer to be affected, but problems with irregular cycles may start to improve gradually over a few months.
Acne often responds well to both a low Gi diet and a low GL diet fairly quickly, although diet alone may not resolve this symptom.
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Yes, low glycemic index foods are always healthy in terms of healthy eating, and yes, it does apply to PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), this is a hormone disorder that causes infertility in women who are towards the obesity side (overweight bodies). This is a complex syndrome that affects menstrual cycles, hormone inbalance and sugar levels and even exessive hairs growth including facial hairs.

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