Healthy Vegan Recipes

Healthy Vegan Recipes

A bunch of healthy vegan recipes! Everything I ate today….FYI, http://healthyeatsrecipesreview.com is a resourceful website to seek out healthy eats, recipes, ebooks and access to many healthy eating resources and wellness living information.
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  1. FreshFitBeauty says:

    DISCLAIMER (please read before commenting!)
    In this video I used two products that are not vegan (honey and eggs). The
    only reason I still call this video “vegan-friendly” when there are those
    two foods in it is because they are both very easily substituted: honey
    with stevia, egg with tofu, etc. I’m sorry if this was misleading! Just so
    you guys know, I’m not actually vegan, I’m just vegetarian but I probably
    eat 90% vegan. I want to keep this video up as a vegan video because I
    think the rest of the recipes (even the ones with animal products!) can
    help a lot of people and give people some meal and snack ideas.
    Thanks for understanding! :)

  2. FreshFitBeauty says:

    I really hope you guys like this video! make sure you comment if you like
    health related videos and would like to see more :)

  3. ClassifiedCloset says:

    ahh I’m obsessed with your videos!

  4. Silke Eriksson says:

    Everything looked delicious, i need to try these bars!!

  5. ella love says:

    When did you become vegan:-)x


    i thought you might like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FxfnDUBwd_A

  7. Joseph Artale says:

    Curious, but why are adding honey to your tea is this video is about


  8. Rachel Maria says:

    where do you buy an acai pack thing?

  9. Mala Echeverria says:

    Omg, thank you so much! I really love your videos✋✋

  10. Sophie Emma says:

    Love this video, editing skills are goals

  11. pinkfriday2466 says:

    I love purity ring! Subbed (:

  12. randomlyKC says:

    that acai bowl look delicious!!
    they used to be my addicting 😀
    also I can’t believe I just found your channel! New sub <3

  13. Sarah Rampling says:

    Lyd, your videos are so great!! <3

  14. Jasmine Ross says:

    Pretzel and cheese at lunch

  15. LifeofFallon says:

    this video was so well done, the filming was amazing, not to mention the
    food ahhhh ♥

  16. KIR Natural Foods says:

    Healthy, Vegan-Friendly Recipes http://ow.ly/KOh2l

  17. Offical Kaylabelieber says:

    i will try some of these wonderful snacks

  18. Ella W says:

    I usually never comment but this video is just awesome. Everything I love.
    Love your videos girl!

  19. FreshFitBeauty says:
  20. _natalie fitnesslover says:

    Lovely video,please make more❤️ and BTW how can i sub.the protein powder?

  21. Massiel Celi says:
  22. Mewa C says:

    Im happy to see this video. Im vegetarian but Im trying to become vegan,
    and srsly all the food of other vegan videos look SO sad. Your food looks

  23. Lulli-chan says:

    You play Purity Ring at the beginning!!! Yes! <3 <3 <3

  24. Lindsay Adams says:

    Subscribed because this video is so awesome!

  25. Kya Cimone says:

    pleaseee do more of these videos!! & can I only buy fit tea online? Or do
    they have it in stores

  26. unlimitedmommy says:
  27. SKE1017 says:

    Wow…Buddy has a new bed,new glasses, a tv in his room. Love this update.
    Want more vlogs ! :-)

  28. Becky Nelson says:

    Ahhhh, this makes me so happy, but sad at the same time. I really miss you

  29. loloaucoin says:

    Yeah I was super excited to see Buddy he sure has grown please post more
    videos I just miss them so….

  30. Kristin Gehm says:

    AW! so nice to see you both!! WOW Buddy is growing up so fast!!! 🙂 xo

  31. mzzclipper12 says:

    He is growing up too fast!

  32. Memoirs of Mom says:
  33. LAvlogs66 says:

    Glad you’re back ,i always enjoy your vids:) Going to look up the recipe on
    those protein balls on pinterest..great for on the go!xxLori

  34. KyleLara1231 says:

    I love that you are loving the oils!!! You look great! And Buddy is as cute
    as ever, I love his little glasses. 

  35. beautyathena says:

    Nice to see you guys are happy and healthy. I can’t wait to see your home
    painted. You gotta vlog it and show us. =D

  36. Tara Allen says:

    You made my day..YAY!!!! Glad to see you guys!!! Oh I’m so trying your
    recipes..those protein balls look YUMMY!!! LOVE you all SO much and have a
    great week!!! XOXO

  37. Nicole Day says:

    Yay this made my morning. .ty for posting…have a great week

  38. cjmful says:

    Sooooo happy you are back!! Please continue vlogging, I love watching you
    and Buddy!!

  39. kay Stevens says:

    What a nice surprise!! Happy to see you guys. Hugs…Kay

  40. ItsCherryBomb says:

    Glad you and and Buddy are back!! 

  41. Cal Girl says:

    What a nice surprise! Missed you both. xo

  42. Jessica B says:

    Missed you and Buddy!! Thanks for the new video.

  43. Brandi J says:

    Soooo excited a new Buddy Vlog!!!!! Missed you two. Can’t wait to see the
    new paint! 

  44. Justine Koster says:

    Knoxville is where I got my puppy! 

  45. Trish Y says:

    OMG how I’ve missed you both!!!!! So happy you are back, please do more

  46. MyMommyLife 123 says:

    So excited you posted!! Hopefully you do more :)

  47. Vanessa Rhinehart says:

    Missed your vlogs! Glad you’re back!! :)

  48. nandalilly says:

    Glad you are back !!!
    Love your vlogs !!!

  49. S Williams says:

    Yay yay yay!!

  50. Lorraine Sanchez says:

    Yay !!!!!!!!

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