healthy meal?

Question by Amy D: healthy meal?
i am on a diet and would like to know of some healthy recipes or ideas on what to eat when i go out? i am also pretty picky i dont like many vegies besides brocoli and green beans and thats about it 🙂

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Answer by Baby K!!
OMG .. u no wut is sooo yummy. a veggy burger. and it doesnt like taste like brocily or anything. its like a burger only healyer and yyuummmyy! lol.. or u can make a whole made salad if u like those. get lettese, green peppers, fresh jalapenos ( yum, spicey), red onions, bunchezz of cucumber lol, and wutevah else u would like. omg sooo good. just find a dressin u love, and munch away. its healthy and deliousous!! 😛

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You can juice veggies, make protein drinks, smoothies and go for low glycemic index foods such as quinoa as well as many other whole foods
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  1. MMXMichael says:

    Hmm, when I go out and I am trying to eat healthy I usually stick to Applebees – they have really good tilapia that’s under 10 grams of fat and under 350 calories, and they also have the weight watchers menu (even if you aren’t part of it, the meals are healthy and reasonably sized) or Olive Garden (they have some healthy stuff, but you can also order most meals in the “lunch portion – they are smaller, and cheaper)

    I don’t usually do veggies either – just ask for cottage cheese or something different

  2. deecharming says:


  3. the ira orchid girl says:

    if u r a picky eater, i hv a recipe 4 you!!


    -black pepper sauce
    -a pinch of salt
    -veggies u like

    wash and cut the veggies u like. steam them. then put on a plate. add salt and black pepper sauce and yr done!


    well, for fruits you can use this recipe


    -fruits u like
    -cold yoghurt

    cut & wash the fruits. put them in a tall glass (make sure you cut the fruit in small pieces) add yoghurt and honey. then yr done!

    good 4 blazing hot summer days.

  4. hsherman73 says:

    As for eating out, salads with meat are smart choices. I really like the Southwest Taco Salad at Wendy’s. It comes with chili. you may think that “chili in salad, UGH” but trust me, it works. everyone I’ve told to try it loves it. one co-worker eats it at work all the time and has lost 20 lbs. Also try Fitnessonline.com or Bodyforlife.com for recipes and healthy living info. Eat fruit, Fruit is the new junk food.

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