Healthy Meal Time (Epic Meal Time Parody)

Click to tweet: http://clicktotweet.com/U338e I Made this video for some friends of mine and thought I’d stick the directors cut on my own channel. ** If you…

Hey Everyone- If you have been following me I know my 3 meal dishes have all based around chicken but it is because I believe that chicken is one of the lean…

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  1. prudence00 says:

    I just came here because it was linked to Everyman Hybrid and I thought it was a parody.
    Cool though.

  2. Petur Petrov says:

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  3. Andrew Deng says:

    No sauce bawssss???

  4. jeffhardyrulez1231 says:

    Can I tut Fuck.those girls

  5. holems cecil m says:

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  8. Antonio Reyes says:

    makes me hungry :)

  9. santino karino says:

    your epic! and healthier

  10. schmokay says:


  11. MrJzlavallee says:

    I’m about 95% sure he actually did eat the mustache LOL

  12. hosenmayer mihael says:

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  13. Alex Vanity says:

    3:27 best part k

  14. luis roberto says:

    Bet they ate and then they fucked. lol 

  15. Brian Hicks says:

    What are those mutha fucking vegies there for and you know what i love? How everyy body commented on the tits what shit i just did

  16. ShiurKahn2 says:

    BOOBY PATTY!!!! =D

  17. hmongBoYz says:

    I’m so hungry for some tits now sorry i mean “food”

  18. nerdpwner739 says:

    those titties..

  19. Scott Wagner says:

    Did he eat his mustache!?

  20. Alex Franck says:

    that’s not his full eating plan. i dont know why he wants to portray himself as someone that eats without controlling his portions.

  21. Flamezz118 says:

    this is even better than epicmealtime… more tits

  22. tcds61 says:


  23. Mohsin Hassan says:

    It would be a shame for you not to bulk up when these normal people accomplish it easily with Zippy Fat Loss (go google it).

  24. s1986maxx9 says:

    thats whats up

  25. Harry meannk says:

    3:23 but her face.

  26. Sharon Munro says:

    What happened to your wrist

  27. xalyssssa14 says:

    looks great! definitely trying this soon. But I have a question.. Can I do this with regular raw chicken instead of the rotisserie chicken?

  28. monymony68 says:

    Thanks Brett. This recipe looks so easy to make after work. I will try making this for my family this week.

  29. Sharon Munro says:

    What happened to your left wrist??

  30. Noemi Aguilar says:

    Hello. You should do a video of healthy sides. I dont see a lot of videos on sides. Would appreciate it. Thanks!

  31. SMichelle626 says:

    It looks good except for the onions…I hate onions I’ve never liked them..my lol loved onions when I was growing up onions were almost the main dish I learned from a young age to separate my food before she added her onions!!! Seriously lol if we made a tuna sandwich it was a onion sandwich if we had hamburgers it was a onion burger if we had anything it had onions!!! Lol I was sad to see this has onions!!! But as I always do I will substitute or leave out he onions!!! Great video;)

  32. S. Green says:

    I love the semi-homemade nature of this! I don’t have to spend forever getting the chicken thawed, cooked, etc. I am excited to try this!

  33. Amy demark says:

    wow. He’s perffecttt

  34. RachelSpring77 says:

    How sweet u love Carly so much and it shows what a cute couple.

  35. Sheela pagano says:

    Your commentary is too funny! Great video man

  36. Imogen Naumovska says:

    A hot guy that cooks for his beautiful girlfriend= perfect.

  37. LynZ619 says:

    A man who cooks for his girlfriend…..that’s a man I need

  38. Malyssa Gonzales-Long says:

    I tried it & it’s amazing!!! Very yummy :)

  39. Nadia Rizo says:

    That looks delicious, I can’t wait to try it! 😀

  40. carol molina says:

    i love how you mention Carli in almost every video you do <3 LOVEEEEEE IS BEAUTIFULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

  41. Emma Lee says:

    more cooking videos!

  42. Arlem Delarosa says:

    Do more cooking videos please I just had a baby and need to get back into shape

  43. aiza marquez says:

    Do u measure your food? Like before eating? How many cups of rice chicken and veggies? Just for one person.. Like me. Thanks much!:)

  44. aiza marquez says:

    And oh! How do u measure your food ana carli’s? How

  45. aiza marquez says:

    What if u ran out of chicken? Is chipotle chicken ok? Just the meat though… You are very helpful. I’ve been following ur recipe and every time i eat chicken. I don’t feel heavy at all specially the nxt day before going to the gym. More recipes please:)

  46. Le Nguyen says:

    “The girl of my dreams” ahhhh I just died! So cute

  47. Olga D says:

    More cooking videos Brett!!

  48. Erika Rodriguez says:

    Yummm! just made this for me and my two boys and it was DELICIOUS! Except I made it with green beans since I did not have asparagus and I’m not a fan of it anyway. Thanks for the recipe. You rock!

  49. Gloria Barrera says:

    I Found the Newmans honey mustard & i had a coupon for it !!!! Guess whats for dinner ?!?!! Lol

  50. Michelle Tasihe says:

    You know who..the girl of my dreams..aaaahhh you’re too perfect to be real!!

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