Healthy Eating Tips : Why Eat Healthy?

Choices in diet can affect long term health prospects. Learn more about the importance of eating healthy with tips from a certified nutritionist in this free…
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  1. FeedBrainLunch says:

    great stuff here!

    ever since i started eating right working grave yard shift is a piece of cake!


    i feel like i have so much energy now!!!

  2. IIVSNIPEVII says:

    HEY expert village I would like to use your video as part of my ict gcse coursework which has a lot to do with healthy eating however I cannot do so without your consent…

    I would very much appreciate if you could comment agreeing to let me use your video , please specify that you agree that i am free to use it as part of my coursework 😀 thanks for you time

  3. therawfooddiet says:

    Do you know that your video looks awesome? Great details :0 Take a look also of my video.

  4. Taylor Maio says:

    my dog died in 2006

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