Healthy Eating Snack Ideas

Diana shows you a few of her favorite and very Round snacks. I hope you Subscribe!!! ROUNDORAMA Blog: roundorama.com Vote for me on RealityWanted.com www.realitywanted.com TWITTER: twitter.com THE ROUND DIET Book: tinyurl.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. PePsiilingo says:

    Mmm i love his video ends


  2. MrDestroyer04 says:

    How about cookies

  3. charlieholls says:

    mmmm all sounds really nice and healthy as well. i always find myself hungry on a night and these will help my cravings 🙂

  4. RasuLOVEeLiNaonly says:

    very lovely lady ! thanks for ideas!

  5. PlayerBAbyOG says:

    What a wonderful lady

  6. IszyStone says:

    The three kinds of red peppers aren’t all red…

  7. rizkafik says:

    love you 🙂 i get so many inspiration from your video.

  8. victoriaisamazingg says:

    i ate your avacado on wheat bread and it tastes amazinggg i love it(:: and i also tried it on some pumpernickle bread that taste awsome too

  9. sweetcathy921 says:

    awesome channel ^^ i learned a lot

  10. MasterSnower says:

    Awsome video

  11. lauralikes says:

    great vid!!!

  12. beachplumm says:

    i love you!! you are the best!!! ur so happy and cheerful and you definetly should have ur own show!!!

  13. stayflyryry says:

    Great ideas. I see your in great shape so these must be good ideas!

  14. lustbydust says:

    This is great! Thank you for the ideas! 🙂
    You’re very beautiful, that’s where your daughter gets it from! Haha!

  15. kitchensinkworkout says:

    Amen sister! Great suggestions. Eat what God gave us!
    Simple and easy. Grab and go!

  16. kitchensinkworkout says:

    Way to go, sister! Eat what God gave us! Easy, good to go.

  17. xFreakshowDreams says:

    Ahh! I’m so Brittany mentioned you in one of her Vlogs! I’ve always had a problem with unhealthy snacking. This gave me great ideas! Thank you so much ^^

  18. ticklemealy says:

    you’re so pretty and in shape! (: your daughter recommended us to look at your channel and its great. i really want to start eating healthy.

  19. roundlady says:

    @SheenaMay1 So glad you like the avocado on bread. It is so simple and so good! I will add your snacks on a trip idea to my list.

  20. SheenaMay1 says:

    Oh wow! I tried your avocado with lemon idea… on whole wheat bread toast.
    So yummy!! ^^
    could you make some ideas for…perhaps.. road trips?
    Like, snacks that could fill you up for 3 hours. 😉
    Really appreciate it 🙂

  21. roundlady says:

    @CocaColaGirl77 yep I try! Being healthy is really the most important thing…especially when you’ve lost your health and are given it back again!

  22. roundlady says:

    @2pretty4umadi All you need is any kind of bread or even a low fat tortilla and spread fresh avocado on it, then squeeze lemon juice on it and a touch of sale. It is so easy and tastes sooooo good!

  23. roundlady says:

    @EmzilyD Thank you..you are the first to say that!

  24. roundlady says:

    @RibbonTie Yes! Trays are an amazing way to eat and to teach kids how to choose healthy food. You will hear more about tray from me in future videos!

  25. RibbonTie says:

    wow the trays are great ideas!

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