healthy dinners?

Question by HouseMDGirl: healthy dinners?
I’m trying to get my mom to make healthier dinners instead of hot dogs and mac and cheese, steak and creamy noodles, ramon noodles, high sodium canned soups, or take out. She says she wants it to be fairly cheap and low salt and low fat. What are some ideas?
Also, it is for a family of six with four children, two (my younger siblings) of which are picky eaters.

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Answer by jlrieff
My favorite website is allrecipes.com . It’s a great site were users rate the recipes with stars. They have a healthy recipes link and you can sort the recipes by stars. You should try it. Also, try out Sonoma diet recipes. Very healthy and delicious. It’s a great way to tweak your diet without being a fad type thing.

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Get some ideas from http://healthyeatsrecipesreview.com tons of healthy eats recipes books from their reviews.
Take out are not cheap, hence cook your own or even go for raw diets. Please stay away from canned soup, processed ramen noodles, refined pastas and heavy cream sauces; go light, wholesome foods, legumes and gluten-free grains such as rice, quinoa, millets; food items such as kidney beans, black-eye beans, soya beans, chick peas, navy beans, black beans, pinto beans, etc are excellent sources of proteins including tofu (both soft and firm) are cheap and economical for cooking and storage- always handy around in the pantry, no wastage to keep a little longer on the shelves.

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  1. dreamdress2 says:

    If you want to eat healthy,,you have to avoid things from cans except for no salt versions of things, boxes and bottles,,,,it is very high sodium…I know,,,we just had to go on a low sodium, low fat diet,,,you need to cook more from scratch…you can make low sodium spaghetti sauce for spaghetti,,,they have some nice canned,,,no salt tomatoes and tomato sauce,,Hunts,,or Heinz,,,look for it in the store. Just get the diced or tomato sauce and add to cooked spaghetti,,,add ground meat if you have it,,,,sprinkle with garlic or serve with toasted bread with butter and garlic…

    You can buy a pork roast on sale a lot of times,,,add sweet potatoes,,,and a salad,,,good meal…..try to get a fairly lean one…..but you want it to have some fat….pork is no longer as fatty as it use to be so it is good to have a variety of meats during the week..roast goes further than pork chops and the left over little pieces can go in your soup pot.

    You can also make great low sodium chilli from dried red beans and these same tomatoes,,,a little onion, ground meat,,bell peppers;

    Don’t forget homemade soup,,that is great with your veggies,,from the freezer,,I use a stir fry package,,,that has broc, carrots, etc….to make my soup…quick and easy,,,add tomatoes,,,left over chicken or any meat really,,,some potatoes and onion,,,you got a good soup….serve with some unsalted crackers…..next to the regular crackers in the store…
    Fruit like,,,, canned peaches,,,pears,,,,grapefruit,,,,and all fresh fruit,,,,,bananas, grapes,,apples,,oranges….all of this is healthy….and quick to eat….

    Fish can be broiled after covering with a little olive oil and lemon,,it is very good….add some homemade french fries with no salt added Ketchup….

    A chicken baked until crispy and served with a nice green salad,,,,a baked potato with butter and chives,,,my microwave makes great baked potatoes in just a few minutes….

    You can buy alsosalt online,,,it taste just like real salt and worth the price if you want to really cut down on salt….

  2. esmerelda says:

    Whole grain pasta is cheap and can feed a lot of people – topped with a nice tomato sauce, it’s perfect! You can even make turkey or chicken meatballs to go with it. Or top it with basil or arugula pesto – yum! You can also use the pasta in pasta salads. Think beans – they make great side dishes to grilled chicken and fish, and those are really cheap. Wild rice or brown rice is a nice side to those things, too. Roast a whole chicken or two, and then use the leftovers to make stock and then soup or use the chicken for sandwiches or wraps – very easy. Spinach and feta cheese omelets and a salad are really nice for dinner…that’s one of my faves. Remember that it’s super easy to broil chicken breasts or fish, and then serve with a veggie and baked potato or rice. Serve a salad too, if you want. Make sandwich wraps with whole grain wraps – try tuna salad with low fat mayo, some crunch romaine lettuce, and some red onion. Those are all pretty inexpensive, and pretty easy to do! I hope that helps!

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