Gluten free

Gluten Free

Originally broadcast October 24, 2014. Is gluten-free better for you? Tom Harrington investigates The Truth Behind the Trend. Celebrities are touting the benefits of
health, and…

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  1. AceRidesBikes says:

    Gluten free is just like not vaccinating your children, it’s a cool thing
    which boring middle class women do to be cool and edgy and to show they
    know better than everyone else.

  2. Vermilion says:

    A lot of people do have sensitivities, even if they’re not celiac. Don’t go
    for the replacement products as they’re expensive and usually full of
    processed crap, just go for naturally gluten free foods like millet, oats,
    buckwheat and then work from there.

  3. 1sikteg says:

    Aside from Celiac disease, gluten is a complex protein that isn’t easily
    digestible by MOST people, a protein is a long chain of amino acids strung
    together like a pearl.The stomachs job is to break the pearl and liberate
    the individual amino acids which are essential nutrients. BUT the chemical
    bond which holds the amino acids in gluten together..are VERY difficult for
    most peoples stomach acid to break which result in undigested protein.
    These amino acids then travel through the small intestines and get absorbed
    by the Villi. The Villi is finger-like projections that protrude from the
    epithelial lining of the intestinal wall which absorb nutrients and bring
    them into the blood stream. When the Villi grabs an individual broken down
    amino acid no problem. Again, GLUTEN is a complex protein which isn’t
    easily broken down. When the Villi grabs onto a long complicated chain of
    unbroken amino acids.. the Villi gets destroyed or inflamed. Resulting in
    poor nutrient absorption. Aside from destroying your Villi, you will get
    protein plaquing, fermentation, and rancidifying of these undigested
    proteins in your intestines.. What happens over-time if your intestines are
    backed up with fermented garbage? Disease, bloating, acidosis, fatigue,
    weight gain, chronic constipation, ETC. If any of you pro-gluten heads want
    to debate, do your research first. To the rest of us health conscious, good
    work! God bless everyone on their journey to better health.

  4. SuperUsefulMan says:

    53% more does not mean double, for example 53% more of the number 1 is
    1.53, hence it is not double……..

  5. ljuc says:

    My brother has Coeliac disease so this trend isn`t doing any good for him,
    because prises on gluten-free products had risen.
    About broducts themselves.. I find some of them tasting better than
    ordinary ones.

  6. Free Thinker says:

    I don’t understand why the courts don’t do anything about this? They are
    intentionally misleading the public about the nutrion of the food.

  7. whittle4u says:

    All wheat has been genetically modified to the point where it contains a
    super gluten which is toxic to everyone. Its just how you body reacts to
    it. You may be sick short term, or you may wind up with a disease long
    term. That’s why 85% of the people at wal-mart are fat sick zombies.

  8. Lok Tom says:

    One of the Canadian dumbest charge can also be called auto repair ” shop
    fee” or call “sundry items fee”,or” miscellaneous fees” .They mysteriously
    add that on after they charge the regular parts and labor fee. Didn’t they
    charge us enough profits from those parts and labor charge ? It is like a
    private company tax charge. How do you like them apples fools? Ooops I
    meant folks. 

  9. Ian Eric Petersen says:

    This reporter is biased all the way. There is tons of scientific research
    økt there showing How gluten s absorbed in the body and How it affects it.
    From increasing swelling / inflamation to neurological symptoms. The money
    being spent on gluten free products is simply not going in to big wheat
    brands, that is the real reason for this segment and they are the ones
    paying for this bit of shoddy journalism. Notice that he does not once
    speak with a qualified physician.

  10. Silas R.N says:

    I really hate when people just think that it is much more healthy for them.
    It’s not. Gluten free is for the people who have Celiac Disease. I get very
    sick if I eat gluten.

  11. B Is For Bullshit, and I Can Smell It A Mile Away says:

    If that woman thinks that another bank’s ATMs are bad, the third party ATMs
    are even worse. Plus they can easily be hacked.

  12. Sam Barker says:

    Bottom line: if you don’t have Celiac Disease, gluten won’t hurt you.

  13. ungratefulmetalpansy says:

    Bell are crooks. How can you sit on a bunch of wires and charge so much
    money when every technology related to communications has gotten cheaper,
    better, and faster?
    Rent-seeking behavior from our corporate owners.
    Pretty sure it’s just old people with landlines being dinged, dump Bell and
    either go for a reseller or get a cell phone.

  14. TelePete NoWheat says:

    Paradise existed on earth before the advent of agriculture. Wheat. The
    forbidden fruit. Did you really believe that it was an apple?
    18 Thorns also and thistles shall it bring forth to thee; and thou shalt
    eat the herb of the field;
    19 In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the

  15. Marco Vieira says:

    Everything in the video is absolutely correct. Except that having other
    people away from gluten free products won’t beneficiate celiacs since even
    these days they have less choice. And going gluten free sure it won’t make
    healthy people any bad! 

  16. tasty lemons Chris says:

    this diet should not be trendy this is a diet that changes people lives
    that have a food allergy. 12:38 this jack hat thinks he knows what the F
    he is talking about. Ever have a food allergy for 3 years and most doctors
    are writing it off as IBS and GERD? When you have horrible bloating, PVC’s
    and increased heart rate/palps’s immediately after eating…and not
    diabetic nor in horrible health. Educate yourself guy! The reason this
    does not get attention it should is because its new and people are just now
    in the last few years having problems. Hell when you’re Acupuncturists
    tells you have a food allergy and the doctor is scratching his ass…then
    we have a problem. 

  17. ceej760 says:

    Just because someone decides to be gluten free does not mean they need to
    spend a lot of money. It is always funny to me how people who decide to be
    GF think they will be healthier, loose weight etc… buy buying GF
    products. GF products have tons more sugar, fat, and starch to make up for
    the loss of the gluten protein and usually comes with more calories.
    However, on the flip side, avoiding GF products, one can still be gluten
    free. Meats (varies depending if meat is pre-marinated in packages which
    usually contain wheat), fruits, veggies, eggs are a few example of
    naturally GF foods.

    IMO, there is really no need to eat as much processed food as americans do.
    Wonder bread, hot dog buns, cake etc is really not needed (though i do
    enjoy) however the GF breads, hot dog buns, cakes etc.. are not any better,
    and are more costly.

  18. Nothing_Much HereToSay says:

    Whoa whoa whoa..

    These marketing geniuses are just that, GENIUSES! I swear, they aim for the
    dumbest tinfoil hat wearing fuckwads. “Leads to a lower risk of getting
    Autism” Absolutely brilliant. Somebody needs to milk these idiots out of
    their money so they don’t evolve into pseudo scientists.

  19. DGwildDog says:

    Only a minute into the video and already calling bs
    I have celiac and no one wants anything to do with my gluten free stuff
    cause it looks different and tastes weird to them and it really sucks
    having people giving weird looks when they try the food I HAVE to eat
    because of their own curiosity

  20. Jack Kanzler says:

    honestly I don’t have celiac disease but being gluten free has
    significantly impacted my health. I have sinus problems for months that
    wouldnt go away no matter what medicine i took. The day after i stopped
    eating gluten i got immediately better.

  21. wijcik says:

    I am so sick of the Gluten free trend! It is so stupid! It puts people who
    legitimately can’t eat it (those with celiac) at risk. One friend of mine
    will go out to a restaurant and she still needs to be cautious of the item
    marked “gluten free” because if it isn’t prepared in a gluten free
    environment she could still be sick for almost a month! The same with the
    “gluten free” grocery products. As for all of the “I went gluten free and
    it made my (fill in the blank) better” I totally agree with the placebo

  22. wojo wojoman says:

    Gluten Free is not just for Celiac disease or weight loss. I have dish
    disease ( Diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis ) which causes lots and
    lots of pain and stiffness do to locking up the thoracic spine ……..so
    I thought. Don’t get me wrong I’m still in a good amount of pain and
    stiffness but after going Gluten Free I have had a reduction in
    inflammation and pain in my joints by about half for the most part. Yes the
    weight I have lost was a nice side effect and still trying to figure out if
    my sleeping better has to do with not being in so much pain or if it’s
    another positive side effect or maybe both.

  23. kamakiri700 says:


  24. hellcat1988 says:

    I consider myself a bit of a professional online people watcher in that I
    try to see what people are interested in and find out the truth behind it.
    When I heard about gluten free, I remembered a small trend from a few years
    ago that I haven’t looked in on in a while. A man had researched what
    people need as far as their daily intake of nutrients and has actually
    developed a drink that completely replaces food. Yes, you can survive and
    be healthy just by drinking this and not eating anything else. I wanted to
    try it, but haven’t bothered to look into it because of distractions in my
    life. I did see that there were people who did week long challenges where
    they only survived off of it and the only real complaint that everyone
    shared was that they got tired of the cake batter taste after a few days.

    With all of these health trends that kick off every year, I am hopeful that
    this drink will become more widespread so I can actually try it. With as
    much processed food as my friends and I eat on a regular basis, I believe
    it would defiantly help me to loose weight and be more healthy because of
    what it’s made from and how basic it is. I don’t know if it would catch on
    enough to be marketed across the country though, as it’s not as easy to
    trend a drink that replaces all other foods.

  25. Jay Stillman says:

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