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Question by sian: GI Diet!!!!??!?!?!?!?
please can people list me some foods on the GI diet. how often do i eat them? and what are the benefits of it??

im REALLY hoping and im quite desperate to loose weight off my legs. the only problem is that its not fat!! its just muscle, please, you can say i dont need to but that wont help lol! so also , any exercises to slim the thighs would be greatly appreciated 😀


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Answer by Lamont M
My wife has tried everything to lose weight but nothing has worked nearly as good as the wu yi tea that she drinks, it’s been covered on CNN and Fox News. She lost 10 pounds in five weeks. She gets it from a colleague at work but I found this site in Google; www.Wu-YiNow.com – they have a free trial on at the moment, maybe they’re worth a try?

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Eat lots and lots of sugar beets – they can clean up your GI real good in a short time

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  1. Jay says:

    Exercises will make your thighs bigger (as in muscle)

    Stop doing leg exercises and use weights and dumbells instead of running, cycling etc.

    A GI diet wont slim your thighs. Most diets aim are to lose weight (as in fat) rather than muscle so youll probably lose weight and gain muscle, or at least not have any effect on how much you have.

    You just need to avoid body building foods a bit. Cut back on milk, meats, cheese, yoghurt. Things with protein in them.

    Im not saying cut them out completley, but these are “body building foods”. They will make it easier for you to gain muscle. So you probably are having too much of this stuff.

    If youre not it must be your exercising. Like I said, cut back on exercises that concentrate on your legs.

    If nothing works, Im sorry but thats how it is =S Be thankful its not fat there anyway =] Some people are trying to work off a big flabby gut or jiggly thighs.

    Be happy with who you are. And anyway, muscle burns more calories than fat so you probably can eat more =]

    have a nice day.

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