Food Pyramid Video

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  1. Aswin Neel says:

    great I like it very much . one of the best videos

  2. makemegenius says:

    Thanks for feedback….we appreciate it.Do visit our website.

  3. Faris Palathingal says:

    myname is faris i like science

  4. makemegenius says:

    Check our latest videos on Germs,Nervous system,Carbon,Nitrogen cycles as
    well as Life Cycle & Food chains plus many others.

  5. makemegenius says:

    Hi, thanks for appreciation.But it is illegal to download this copyright
    material ,you can always watch these on youtube or on our website.

  6. makemegenius says:

    Thanks for feedback….we appreciate it.

  7. Expats-m.c Vietnam says:

    The idea is right but info is totally wrong please do some research.

  8. makemegenius says:

    Thanks for appreciation

  9. makemegenius says:

    Keep it up.

  10. Swati Mukherjee says:

    Awesome video..!! It was very useful for me in teaching Balanced diet to
    5th std students..:) Thanks to Makemegenius..!!

  11. Josh Chopra says:

    Rock out that inidian voice

  12. farshid mansoori says:

    This is really awesome videos,easy to understand and internalize It makes
    me smile and learn . A special thanks to makemegenius.

  13. Ruby Roy Varghese says:

    i alose like sscien

  14. Joe Phạm says:

    Dude, please put the subtitle on so I can turn off the volume. Urgh, got
    headache with your accent!

  15. Igor Mironov says:

    Good day! I’m Michael.I did -20 lbs last 2 weeks.Visit balinal.com

  16. Dan George says:

    it is good for me i am in 6 standered in dubai

  17. Chrod Ounette says:

    Eat butter and you will become “fatty”. Great way to traumatise kids and
    pave the way to eating disorders later… You can become fat on eating too
    much of anything, including broccoli, and putting on weight depends on many
    factors – getting people trying to control obsessively what they eat at the
    price of listening and undertanding their own bodies is one of them. Why
    not tell kids to enjoy their pizza as long as they only eat some if they’re
    hungry, and keep some space for veg as well.

  18. Somya Kapoor says:

    Very nice videos! Is there a way I can download them? to show it to my
    school children??

  19. Chase Howard says:

    The simple fact they mentioned Bread or Milk…… completely ruin’s the
    credibility of this. I just remember growing up being taught about the
    “food Pyramid” what a joke and a scam….

  20. elijah garlic says:

    this is the most horrible tutor show everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr im givin it a
    dislick yea i wrote lick

  21. biffyboypro says:

    fucking horrible give up at life

  22. elijah garlic says:

    please put subtitles plz i hate their voices. i just wanna chock

  23. makemegenius says:

    Thanks for appreciation.

  24. Penelope Gibbins says:

    Fine if you speak Hinglish. The site´s awful

  25. Winston Smith says:

    This is terrible.

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