First Grains and Legumes Wooden Magnet Set

First Grains and Legumes Wooden Magnet Set

  • 16 Vibrantly Printed Educational Collectible Wooden Magnets
  • Helps young eaters build their visual vocabulary of whole foods
  • Creates a foundation of healthy eating habits in children
  • Play name that food, group foods by color, display menu of the day, develop new food combinations
  • Activities can be tailored to child's individual developmental level
Your Food Story's collectible wooden magnets offer a simple way to help first time eaters build a visual vocabulary of the foods they eat. Use them to create a photographic diary of new food experiences, as a meal planning tool, an imaginative way to develop new food combinations, or simply for the fun of showing off your favorites! Everyone's food story is unique...what's yours?

List Price: $ 19.95 Price: $ 19.95

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