Eating Healthy on a Budget

You don’t have to spend a fortune to eat well. Tips from Kris Carr, author “Crazy Sexy Diet,” published by skirt!, an imprint of Globe Pequot Press. crazysexydiet.com.

Jeanette Pavini shares tips for eating well while on a college budget.

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  1. JhonathanFree says:

    @ohmyraw Happy? Good. Get on with it.

  2. ohmyraw says:

    @JhonathanFree Kris Carr is very open about where she got this information- the Hipporcates Institute (Anne Wigmore) and I also believe books/meetings with Robert O. and Shelley Young. I am not Kris Carr and do not know her but it is not approriate to be spreading lies about her (i.e. thief) when she is doing such a great service by spreading the word about this healthy lifestyle. And it is just that – a lifestyle – not copyrighted information – & she very open about her training.

  3. ohmyraw says:

    @JhonathanFree This information is taught by many people!! Not just the Gerson institute. No one owns this information.

  4. Litameena4chan says:

    Growing your own fruits and veggies is REALLY cheap. ;] (I don’t have the patience to do it… but it IS really cheap. :’D)

  5. SpiritualProgressive says:

    My husband & I quit smoking, so we’ll be reallocating that money to healthier, organic food. Yay, an extra $200/month for food!

  6. lncangel246 says:

    its called a meal plan…

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