Easy Healthy Recipes | Strawberry Parfait

Love healthy recipes? Visit diet.com for more! Try this easy light Strawberry Cool Whip Crunch healthy recipe for a sweet and satisfying dessert or snack! Guests will love this low cal dessert! *Sponsor: Lose More in Less Time – www.diet.com Like this recipe? Follow us on Twitter for daily recipe tweets! twitter.com

Bethenny Frankel teaches you how to make healthy quick and easy breakfasts, like this Banana Nut French Toast. diet.com Here is her diet friendly version of Banana Nut French Toast. Perfect for any diet. Appearing on Martha Stewart’s The Apprentice, she immediately became a star. Check Out Diet.com Video! Diet.com: www.diet.com Subscribe to Our YouTube Channel – www.youtube.com Go behind the scenes w/ Sarah’s Blog- www.diet.com Twitter twitter.com Facebook: www.new.facebook.com iTunes: tinyurl.com Sarah’s Fitness Blog – www.examiner.com

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  1. phroz3n says:


    It’s made with hydrogenated oil and high fructose corn syrup, not cream and sugar. It’s disgusting. On another note, this girl is like so many others; so utterly clueless with regards to nutrition.

  2. 1216gogirl1216 says:

    cool whip is really bad for u
    i thought this was suppose to be good for u

  3. BenRichhards says:

    whats cool whip? is it like cream or somthing

  4. LaceHearts says:

    @neelonghunglow You can make your own whip cream using REAL cream or you can just use yoghurt.

  5. neelonghunglow says:

    cool whip is hygdogenated oil….not healthy

  6. cherd1971 says:

    looks so good =)
    i wil try this for shure

  7. usausaarmy says:

    Did u know u talk about health and u fat

  8. stargis777 says:

    come on girl , learn how to bake and make some real recipies.., even a baby can do that ,, : )

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  16. hunthicks says:

    Just because a dish is low in calories doesn’t mean it’s healthy. You can burn calories, you can’t burn the crap they put in those processed foods like cool whip. Buy some whipping cream and add 10 – 15 minutes to your exercise routine when you do.

  17. deedevinebrake says:

    Your video is great; thank you for sharing such a fresh fruit recipe. I am vegetarian and keeping a variety is a challenge. I love this. great job.

  18. kdai2012 says:


    …..Honey Bunches Of Oats..? It’s a cereal you can buy anywhere..

  19. yungaterror says:

    wat was the last ingredient called and where can i bu it ?

    1. Adiana says:

      That’s way more clever than I was epxteicng. Thanks!

    2. Lorin says:

      Ya learn smoehting new everyday. It’s true I guess!

  20. justin6999 says:

    @youthfulenthusiasm LOL

  21. SueJungle says:

    how is this a parfait?!

  22. hipretty says:

    making this for my kids tonight…thank you sarah! 😀

  23. MisssMad22 says:

    Make all your favorite meals from your favorite restaurants from home! Check out this video – youtube.com/watch?v=6ktnVmKZXOo

    1. Heidi says:

      Kudos! What a neat way of thniking about it.

    2. Clara says:

      Super inofrmaitve writing; keep it up.

  24. dedevuvoo says:

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  26. Lavenda44 says:

    this meal was disgusting o_o
    im going to take my 5’8 118 lb self and have the most delicious eggy fluffy french toast lol

  27. TheKiwipie says:

    @JagSmakarSkit Hahaha, du smakar skit!

  28. Usagibunnneh says:

    … Banana extract.

    Couldn’t you just put banana slices on top or something? Like… it’s a banana. Not god damned potato chips or anything.

  29. robbieirish says:

    @yoyo20081 nah shes certainly overweight. for god sake just look at her!

  30. yoyo20081 says:

    @robbieirish “She could still do with losing a bit more weight though” – Where on her body could she lose weight from? She’ s already skin, bones and tits, hopefullyy that was a unfunny joke.

  31. cruzere120 says:

    Nice milkers

  32. lalanlanjay says:

    wth???? like im gonna eat that 4 breakfast and die of hunger 30 seconds later!

  33. nigsplzz says:

    @HitMeQuick i was laughing at this comment, then the video began playing o.o

  34. chichikissx says:

    @ImSorryOfficer lmao!

    1. Judy says:

      This airtlce keeps it real, no doubt.

    2. Gerri says:

      Ya learn somethnig new everyday. It’s true I guess!

  35. frombelair says:

    a ya ya ii

  36. ImSorryOfficer says:

    Look at that massive jaw! She must be great at sucking dick.

  37. TheClownCentral says:

    drip some maple syrup on your boobies and ill have that for breakfast please

  38. ReligiousZombie says:

    For those who want to cut to the chase:
    Close-up of nips at 1:01.
    Jugs jiggle at 1:08.

  39. robbieirish says:

    She could still do with losing a bit more weight though. At breakfast, I’d advise her to reduce the full slice of whole meal bread to a half and then drink plenty of water up until 2pm. At lunch I would recommend that she has a lunch consisting of 1/4 of an apple and 1/4 of kiwi (NO BANANA). Finally, at 6pm she should enjoy a nice comforting semi slice of grapefruit. I think this would be great to start of with. Hope this helps.

  40. markos077 says:

    Bethenny is the realest housewife of them all!!

  41. NR146 says:

    Bethenny was unappreciative, a complete user, mean, rude, nasty, player right from the beginning, and all she did was made excuses for her actions, you were after fame and used every1 to get there,…. I couldn’t stand your fake tears and how you bully anyone nd every1 when ever u feel like it…even ur own husband said, I don’t know y ppl talk to u, ur sooo mean to them!!! I wonder how many times he thinks about it and the fact that what he has got himself into!

  42. 08CARIB says:

    @emileecelia I love you for that comment!

  43. thechefalliance2010 says:

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  44. kadlya says:

    @sandrapoet LOL i agree….

    1. Cannon says:

      Okay I’m convinced. Let’s put it to actoin.

  45. StephanieBojaeq says:

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  46. theherdmentality says:

    holy giantt jaw, batman…..if my eyes were that sunken and my face that wide, I’d get implants so people wouldn’t have to look at my face,………..too.

  47. proych78 says:

    1:50 onwards .. they guy who records just tries to get as much as her breasts .. someitmes even ignoring the dish .. and I bet .. all straight guys watching it must hav concentrated more on the top part of the screen giving a damn to the toast

  48. JagSmakarSkit says:

    @emileecelia I barely have any free time. I just wake up early. Calm yourself.

  49. emileecelia says:


  50. wh0izzit says:

    Glad to find someone doing healthy recipes for a change! Thanks Bethenny!

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    Kewl you should come up with that. Exceelnlt!

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