Diet myths video 3 What’s wrong with low GI diets

Dr Leon describes the problems that can arise from following low GI diets for weight loss. He explains why the glycemic index of food is not enough and can e…

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  1. charlottesmom says:

    Kent, actually the way he stated it in the video and from my own reading he was saying that fats COMBINED with carbs make you fat, this is very true. Fats eaten in a low carb diet do not make you fat, add in wheat as in bread or pasta and you can have huge issues losing weight. Fat + low carb = good. Fat + SAD (Standard American Diet…tons of carbs) = very bad. If you do low glycemic, low glycemic load plus fats you should be okay weight loss wise, watch out for WW pasta and WW bread though (s

  2. Kent van Heerden says:

    Fat doesn’t make you fat.
    You fail at life.

  3. TheRosa63 says:

    natural fats like coconut oil, palm kernal oils and natural saturated fats being bad for us has already been debunked, why this belief persists I will never know. myself I am following a low gi/low carb diet using only high quality carbs like whole fruits veggies beans, good fats like coconut oils, a little butter, whole milk and small amounts of meat, I did a more atkins type diet last year and couldn’t stick to it, to much meat, only lost like 10 pounds in 3 months on it.

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