detox diet?

Question by ghulamm m: detox diet?
ok I am planning on going on a detox diet for 3 days, instead of drinking junices and vegetable, I do plan to eat them. I plan to eat fruits salad and vegetable salad, drink soup, water and fruit juices for three days. I know I need to detox becasue I have dark circles, pimples, stomach gas, and bad breath. do u think after going through this diet, this problems i have would be eliminated?

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Answer by Jordan M
No, probably not. Halitosis’s, bad breath, could be a health issue, of a simple oral hygiene issue. Pimples? This could eliminate bacteria from your diet, helping you there. Gas? sure. Circles? Try rest.

Healthy cleansing or “Detox Diets”, although super popular really don’t do a hole hell of a lot, epically if you go right back to mac and cheese as soon as your done. Eat right for life, that’s the only surefire way to get on track with your health.

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  1. J M says:

    a detox can’t hurt, you may not just be contaminated with food products, you could also have any number of chemical, smoke, cleaning stuff etc….. in your system. the environment carries many things your body would rather do without. i think for those you need to also try a cleanse from a health food store, to push some of these out of your system.

  2. Topsy says:

    I just finished doing a detox which sounds similar. I only ate fresh fruit and vegetables, beans and legumes and drank heaps of water and green tea. I didn’t take all the pills and potions that you get from the health food shop but just ate really good food. I did it for 6 days and felt absolutely fantastic afterwards with heaps of energy. You need to make sure that after doing detox that you do start to eat a wider variety of healthy foods such as fish, chicken, lean red meat and dairy products again. I have managed to keep off the caffeine and alcohol and reduced the amount of red meat I eat and replaced it with fish (although I still do eat red meat a couple of times per week). Not sure if all your problems will be eliminated but it certainly can’t hurt and you will feel fantastic…good luck!!!

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