5 Delicious Healthy Vegan Friendly Breakfast Recipes

These are some of my most favourite breakfasts to make on an everyday basis & they are all colorful, beautiful and super healthy! If you recreate any of these, the results will be uplifting and pro-wellness all the way………
Also , don’t you forget red wine and your gut……it is equally relevant to healthy recipes and to some degree gives the mention of 5 delicious healthy vegan friendly breakfast recipes a boost….

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  1. xEm_0308x says:

    That’s why I love my Vitamix, I’m able to make my strawberry banana ice
    cream with no problems!

  2. Jinseo Lim says:

    I am not againts vegans but I really hate when ppl call it a “DIET” its a
    way of life n an ethos really cuz allthe vegans I spoke to it mainly for
    animal welfare reasons and were I beleive there ate sub types of vegans…I
    want to eat more vegan meals but not for animal welfare but tather my
    health but a few jumped down my throught.

    Did u know that vegans back in ancient greece were gladiators who did not
    eat meat….so were what we call vegetarians now.

  3. Olivia Bayly says:

    I am like turning vegan RIGHT NOW! you have made my whole view of becoming
    a vegan a lot more fun these dishes look so exciting!

  4. BelleDeLayan says:


  5. Persia Jasmine S says:

    Hi, I’m thinking about becoming a vegan, but I have a small iron deficiency
    and I’m only 12, do you know recipes high in iron and can u do a vid on
    transferring to a vegan diet
    Love ur vids

  6. BlueSeaBox says:

    I have GOT to make that ice cream! It looks so good :)

  7. anemone says:

    KAAKAOJAUHE haha are you finnish? :D

  8. Lesly Santos says:

    Thank you so much this really inspired me and yeah like ive been going
    through a hard time and I just tend to loose fat I guess cuz of stress or I
    dont know.. so I was eating bad like I dont eat well and hardly eat fruit
    or veggies and so ive decided to try to eat better little by little and
    yeah so thanks =)

  9. Johnny Hernandez says:

    Ice cream contains dairy this is more of a sorbet.

  10. Karina Reyes says:

    loveeee these recipes they’re amazing

  11. Lydia Grace says:

    I definitely want to try some of these, SUCH great ideas! I’m a new vegan
    so these area awesome :)

  12. Luís Gomes says:

    I love how you allow those mistakes to be seen in the videos <3

  13. Emmanuel Rayas says:

    first of all… girl! youre so extremely beautifull :O!! , nice video, got
    more vegan recipes?

  14. jenna hahn says:

    That ice cream was really good I put gonola on it yummy

  15. Cassie Smith says:

    come over to my channel to see how i make PEANUT BUTTER CHOCO CHIP COOKIES

  16. Brian Hermelijn says:

    Good grief, that banana icecream looks super yummy! So stoked to give that
    a try. Thanks for sharing these. I also need to try the oatmeal one.

  17. Uncle Lester says:

    u need a vitamix…..

  18. Erin Talia says:

    Love this video! So many great ideas! :)

  19. jenna hahn says:

    I love making green smoothies thank you for the ideas

  20. ClaudiaVV says:

    Kiitos pajon! Ihana video!!

  21. gozotaffy says:

    Seriously love all of these. So creative, flavorful and filling! Thank you

  22. Abigail Lawlor says:


  23. mycatwalk1 says:

    I adore you! From all the “healthy videos” on youtube, your video is the
    This helped me so much. It looks delicious and it’s simple + you can eat
    sweet things that are healthy!
    And also your portions are very good. Not too big, not too small 🙂
    All the other “healthy videos” on youtube are mostly of very tin girls who
    recommand “small portions”.
    I hate that..meh. I really like some bigger portions, otherwise I’m back
    hungry within an hour…
    But I love you and your videos!
    xx Jenny

  24. Emmanuel Rayas says:

    of one ting im sure…. im in love :P, i like your teeth

  25. Eva Newman says:

    I love how realistic this is! So many people make videos with recipes that
    will not keep you full. I love how you showed that you can eat a pretty big
    portion while stilling being healthy!

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